May 6 through 10 was Teacher Appreciation Week and Jim Pearson and Radney Elementary schools let their teachers know how much they mean.

Jim Pearson PTO member Casi Lamberth said the group organized multiple treats from students and parents to the school’s teachers. Lamberth said students brought in classroom supplies, wrote thank you letters and drew their favorite thing they learned this year from their teacher. 

“It’s literally little to no money except for the school supply items and is a way for all the children to participate,” Lamberth said.

Lamberth said the PTO gave coupons, treats and lunch to the teachers throughout the week. On Friday, the PTO held a gift card drawing for the teachers.

“Our main goal is to encourage and support a positive school environment,” Lamberth said. “And a major way of doing that is to show support to our teachers and we’ve also done several things throughout the school year to boost morale and to show our appreciation. So we wanted to make sure they knew they were special and loved and that we are grateful for them.”

Radney Elementary assistant principal Dr. Brittney Duncan said the school and its PTO gave snacks, hosted breakfast and lunch on different days for the teachers. Duncan said many students gave gifts to teachers on their own throughout the week.

“We’re so thankful to our PTO as well because they got a lot of community sponsors to give coupons to our teachers this week,” Duncan said. “It’s something that should be celebrated more often but we want to make sure definitely on this week that we celebrate our teachers.”

Duncan said the school wanted to make sure it celebrated its teachers for their work this year.

“We wouldn’t have a job without our students,” Duncan said. “Our students are our No. 1 priority and they have the important job of instilling that love of learning in our students.”