Shingle Cleanup

Asphalt shingles are removed from an illegal dump site just off Highway 22 near Hillabee Creek Monday morning.

Alexander City and Tallapoosa County officials were surprised last week to find illegal dump sites of asphalt shingles. Now they’re even more surprised to see more dump sites and a vehicle matching a description of one that dumped in some areas cleaning up one of the sites.

A roofing contractor started the cleanup Monday morning after even more dump sites were discovered over the weekend in which law enforcement had encounters with a contractor illegally dumping shingles, even in the middle of a county road.

The Alexander City Police Department encountered a white Ford F-250 with a tilt dump trailer Sunday just off Daniel Road dumping shingles. Police chief Jay Turner said no arrest was made but the offender was put on notice to clean it up.

“(The contractors) were under the impression that they had paid someone and had permission to dump there,” Turner said. “They advised they would clean it up.”

Turner said the individuals indicated they were working in the Parrish Hills subdivision.

Police reports indicated dump sites were found Sunday off North Central Avenue and Dejarnette Road.

A white Ford F-250 with a tilt dump trailer was just off Highway 22 near Hillabee Creek picking up the shingles Monday morning. It is the same site cleaned up by Tallapoosa County Commission District 3 crews only to be used again Thursday night, only over the weekend, two more loads of shingles were left.

“Our boss sent us out here to pick them up,” the unidentified worker said at the Highway 22 site. “We are taking them to the dump on North Central Avenue.”

The same worker spoke with Marty Kendrick of the Alexander City Public Works Department. He explained to Kendrick the shingles came from homes in the Dobbs Road area.

Kendrick said if the shingles came from a project in the city limits of Alexander City, it was eligible to be dumped at the city’s inert landfill.

“If they got a building permit for the project, they got a dump permit too,” Kendrick said.

Tallapoosa County commissioner John McKelvey said he found it strange a vehicle matching the description of dumping shingles in multiple locations was at the Highway 22 location cleaning up Monday morning.

McKelvey almost caught the litterers in the act of dumping.

“I saw the same vehicle last week as I was going to look at an illegal dump site,” McKelvey said. “... I saw (the same truck and trailer Monday) morning.”

The Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Department observed the truck fitting the same description Sunday in the area of Saxon Road in the Hackneyville community.

“They blocked the road (with shingles),” Tallapoosa County sheriff Jimmy Abbett said.

McKelvey said his crews cleaned up the mess on Saxon Road Monday morning before learning a contractor had started to clean up the mess across the county.

Lake Martin Resource Association president John Thompson said he was appalled at the illegal dumpsites, especially the one on Saxon Road.

“I just can’t believe they just leave it in the middle of the road,” Thompson said. “We have got to do something to stop this.”

Alabama recently increased the penalty for criminal littering. Criminal littering is now a Class A misdemeanor and if found guilty a person can face fines up to $3,000 per incident. As of Monday evening, no charges had been filed.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.