New Site

The grant for the health clinic is on the town council’s agenda for tonight's meeting.

New Site Mayor Phil Blasingame said plans for a new healthcare clinic and pharmacy building owned by the town and leased to providers will be on the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

The building is still a long way from reality and Monday’s action by the town council would allow architect Walter McKee of McKee and Associates in Montgomery to draw up plans. From those plans a better budget would come forth for councilmembers to make a decision.

Tuesday a work session was held with McKee and area contractors to get an idea of what the building would look like. 

The contractors and McKee were far apart on what the building might cost.

“My experience has been about $200 per square foot,” McKee said.

One contractor said $140 to $160 per square foot while another contractor put costs under $100 per square foot. Those estimates put building costs from $250,000 to more than $600,000.

Blasingame said grant funds are possibly available for the project. 

Mckee suggested the clinic look like the other two buildings on the town property with the town hall and pavilion. 

“Both metal and stick built buildings can have brick facades,” McKee said. “Metal buildings are typically brick on one side while stick built are often brick on all sides.”

McKee said the other issue with a metal building would be the cost for the roof system to match the other buildings. A metal roof often slopes entirely in one direction because of costs.

Councilmembers appeared to like the idea of the stick built to make the look the same.

“I think you got to go with stick framing,” councilmember Billy Daniel said.

Councilmembers want the building constructed in such a way if its purpose is changed at some point in the future renovations would be easier. The idea is to build the approximately 3,100 square foot building with roof trusses stretching the width of the room with no need for load-bearing walls.

Several months ago the council released Tallapoosa County from doing its building inspections. In doing so, McKee said he may come back to the council with some requests.

“I may need to come to the council and get y’all to adopt (building) codes,” McKee said. “Some of the newest codes are very cost prohibitive.”

McKee said codes recommended for automatic dimming lights in sunlite rooms and different insulations. Currently the town would have to follow any codes adopted by the state.

McKee said if the council approves the project it would take about six weeks of design and drawing the plans, time for grant review and three weeks to bid the project. Contractors estimated the building would take five to six months to complete once construction started.

Blasingame wanted to make sure the council had a better idea of what the clinic would cost as well as making sure they didn’t cut corners to pinch pennies.

“We got to have a better idea of hard cost to make this decision,” Blasingame said. “We want it to look nice and 10 years later still look good.”