Tallapoosa County Schools robotics gifted program held a showcase for parents Friday at Edward Bell Career Technical Center.

Tallapoosa County gifted teacher Karen Coleman said the students started making robots in March. The students had to learn with Kinex and Botley pieces before moving onto LEGOs robots and programming.

“(Students in the program were) identified in second grade and then we gradually got to this point with this group,” Coleman said.

Coleman said more than 100 students from Dadeville, Horseshoe Bend and Reeltown Elementary schools attend the program once a week for three hours.

“We’ve had a very good year,” Coleman said. “We’ve had a very interesting year.”

In addition to robotics, Coleman said students learned about working together, following instructions and being patient.

“We’ve learned lots,” Coleman said. “We learned a lot about one another and working together.”

Dadeville Elementary fifth-grader Jackson Kane said Coleman helped his confidence go up and he likes learning how to make robots.

“She knows how to make us feel worthy,” Kane said. “She’s a great teacher. She really helps us.”

Coleman told the parents who visited if they have daughters to push them in the science and engineering field.

“I’ve got girls who won’t take credit for what they know,” Coleman said. “Push them hard in that science and math field. There’s not enough and I’ve got some smart girls.”

Horseshoe Bend Elementary sixth-grader Brayden Anderson said he likes learning how to program the robots and wants to program one to shoot a basketball.

“(Programming is) all the different things you can make them do,” Anderson said.

Reeltown Elementary fifth-grader Roosevelt Ross said he learned to make a snake robot with his friend this year. Ross said he wants to participate in the program next year and maybe go into robotics as he grows up.

“There’s lots of different components, and I liked all the different things that made it work together to make the object move,” Ross said. “I was dreaming of doing a program to replace people’s job with programming and do it with computers.”