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Cliff Williams / The Outlook Strand Park sits in the middle of Alexander City and the Gibraltar Lodge will use its location to host a Unity Picnic Saturday.

A fun day is planned to bring about unity in Alexander City.

The Gibraltar Lodge is once again hosting a Unity Picnic Saturday at Strand Park to open the door for conversations among all.

“We want to get the community together as a whole,” organizer David Wyckoff said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are a police officer or just someone from the neighborhood. We are just trying to bring together all races, black, white hispanic. We want everyone to come together as one.”

Wyckoff said the Alexander City police and fire departments will be there for the fun and conversations. It’s all to allow everyone to get to know each other a little better.

“If you come out and sit down with me or anybody else and we play dominos, checkers or football, when the police department pulls you over to give you a speeding ticket, you have that relationship,” Wyckoff said. “It makes the interaction easier.”

Wyckoff said interaction amongst different parts of the community is crucial.

“We are trying to get away from the police against the community all over the world,” Wyckoff said. “It’s not bad around here but we want to stop it before it gets here. We want to stay as one, as a family. We are trying to prevent it from happening, the animosity between groups.”

Wyckoff said Alexander City has the beginnings of animosity between two different communities in Alexander City and the Gibraltar Lodge is working to stop it.

“You always have Northside and Spring Hill going at each other,” Wyckoff said. “We are trying to bring the kids up there and have interactions so we don’t have that problem.”

Wyckoff said the Gibraltar lodge will once again play a game of touch football with members of the police and fire departments and members of the community can join. But that is not the only game around. There will be traditional games like dominoes and checkers and more.

“This year we brought in the game truck and laser tag,” Wyckoff said.

Wyckoff said the Gibraltar Lodge is asking those who participate in other Lodge activities to come out.

“We really want to see those who will take part in the Christmas bike giveaway,” Wyckoff said. “They need to come to Saturday’s picnic to qualify for the free bike.”

Wyckoff believes this event is important to have amid the unrest in the nation.

“We just want to bring people together,” Wyckoff said. “We want everybody to come out, bring people and just build relationships in our community.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.

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