Ryne Gallacher was hired as a sports writer for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. last week.

Gallacher, an Alexander City resident, will lead the sports coverage in Tallapoosa and Coosa counties for The Alexander City Outlook and The Dadeville Record. Gallacher has been part of the Tallapoosa Publishers team since July 2019 working as a freelancer and columnist before officially joining the crew as a full-time sports writer. 

“Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. is very fortunate to have a person of Ryne’s caliber on the team,” TPI president and publisher Steve Baker said. “He is bright, passionate about sports and has a work ethic like no other. He understands how beneficial local journalism can be to student-athletes and is determined to make a difference. 

“Ryne’s talents extend beyond just his writing skills and love for sports. As we make changes to the print and digital arm of TPI, Ryne is the perfect addition to the team with his broadcast talents along with his passion for podcasts and other digital storytelling methods. I know he will excel in this role.”

Gallacher, 25, was born on Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Gallacher spent much of his youth moving around due to his parents both serving in the Air Force before settling in Montgomery in 2007.

“Most of my childhood I had the mindset of everything and everyone is temporary, so it was nice to finally settle down somewhere,” Gallacher said. “I would have been satisfied anywhere permanent.”

Gallacher finished middle school and high school in Montgomery before furthering his education at Troy University. In December 2017, Gallacher was living in Destin, Florida when he decided it was time for a change.

“I did some real soul searching deciding what I want to do with my life,” Gallacher said. “An avid sports fan, I realized I could make sports part of my career. I started journalism school, moved to Alexander City at the beginning of 2018 and haven’t looked back since.”

Gallacher said he’s learned more working as a freelancer for TPI than he did in college.

“Real-life experience carries a lot of weight,” Gallacher said. “Being on the field or the court, talking to coaches and players, I’ve really gotten a feel for what this job takes and am pretty excited to see where it takes me.”

Readers may recognize Gallacher from his columns, stories in the paper or co-hosting TPI’s “Inside the Lines” preview show last football season. 

Gallacher has made a home in Alexander City and is excited his career is taking off here as well.

“The community has been so warm and welcome, especially the coaches,” Gallacher said. “I’m honored to be a part of the community and hope to be a staple for years to come.”

Gallacher is a huge sports fan, especially of the NFL. He’s a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans but he is excited to show just as much dedication to local student-athletes. 

He said he has much to learn about the area but has even more to offer. Gallacher wants to work hard telling the stories of student-athletes and every aspect of local sports in the Lake Martin region.

“The goal is to not only get the kids as much exposure as possible but the coaches as well,” Gallacher said. “We have great men and women leading our children and they deserve every opportunity as well.”

If you see Gallacher on the sidelines or get a phone call from him this season, give him a warm welcome to his new role. Story ideas can be sent to ryne.gallacher@alexcityoutlook.com. Additionally, anyone interested in freelancing for TPI can email him or managing editor Santana Wood at santana.wood@alexcityoutlook.com for more information.