When Alexander City resident Ashley Gaddis got the call more than a week ago her husband, Jarman, had gotten into a bad car accident, she was overwhelmed with emotion not even knowing if he was alive.

“Oh I cried,” Ashley said. “I couldn’t find a way to him; I didn’t know if he was dead. I didn’t know what to do with the kids. I was at a standstill.”

Jarman was driving along Highway 63 toward Hackneyville when he ran off the road going around a curve and his car was severely damaged. He was rushed to Russell Medical then airlifted to UAB Hospital on Sept. 27.

“Russell (Medical) didn’t have too much information for me to know when I first talked to them,” Ashley said. “Quin Hutchins is the man who called me. Honestly I was in such a panic I didn’t even ask (how he found him).”

Thankfully Jarman was driving alone and not with one of his two kids, Karman, 3, and Jré, 8 months. The car seat in his car was completely crushed.

Jarman immediately had surgery on a broken leg and surgery on a fractured pelvis the next day. Doctors then discovered he needed surgery on the other leg as well and he spent nearly a week in the hospital.

Jarman survived what could have been a terrible outcome; however he and his family do not have health insurance.

“We have no insurance, so we don’t know how the bills are going to look,” Ashley said. 

The Gaddises’ friends decided to rally together and help out the struggling family of four. Immediately the idea was brainstormed to create a GoFundMe account to assist with the enormous medical bills that will put the family in a huge financial burden.

“It was a financial setback and we are just trying to get back to where I can work comfortably and the kids can be taken care of,” Ashley said. “Because Jarman is not able to actually walk right now.”

Therefore, Ashley, who usually works during the day while Jarman watches the kids, has to stay home while he recovers.

“He’s out for at least 12 weeks and it could end up to be like January (before he’s really 100%),” Ashley said. “So I have to be home with our children.”

While they have some family in the area, the Gaddises really don’t rely on anyone else to help them with finances or watching the kids.

“A lot of people don’t think about us much and we don’t have a lot to depend on,” Ashley said.

Her friends have stepped up to help ease some of the worry with the GoFundMe, ‘Let’s show Jarman aka Tre’Cinco a little love.’

“It was a great blessing,” Ashley said. “For someone to actually do that for us, it made me feel like we were doing something right. It meant a lot to us.”

So far the fundraiser has raised roughly $400 and has a goal of $10,000. But with the unknown expense amount coming down the road, any contribution helps.

“We don’t have a goal, just whatever people can give,” co-organizer of the GoFundMe account Stacey Jeffcoat said. “We have gotten to know Jarman and Ashley on a personal level over the last few months and they’ve become like our family. This is one way we thought we could help.”

Jeffcoat first met the Gaddises on The Wilson Brothers’ video shoot for the music video of “A Little Love” in downtown Alexander City.

Jarman, also known as Tre’Cinco, is a hip-hop artist in town and collaborated on the song. Instantly, Jeffcoat felt drawn to the couple and knew they would be friends.

“There was just something about Jarman and Ashley that when I met them, I knew we would end up being close,” Jeffcoat said. “They are such kind people with love for each other, their family and their friends.”

Jeffcoat added that while this is a tough time financially during the pandemic and there are many worthy causes to contribute to, any little bit helps.

“We completely understand if people can’t give,” she said. “But I know even the smallest amount means so much to them.”

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.