There is not much time left to decide if a resident of Alabama wants to seek a municipal office in 2020.

The state has set a deadline of July 21 to file with respective city clerks intentions of seeking the office of mayor or councilmember. Candidates then have five days to file statements of economic interest with the Alabama Ethics Commission and the ethics commission has five days to approve a candidate.

With an Aug. 25 election, there is a possibility a qualified candidate can be left off the ballot. Alabama law requires city clerk’s to produce a sample ballot by July 26, just five days after the deadline a candidate has to register his or her intentions with the city clerk. It’s the same deadline candidates have to file with the ethics commission.

“It’s a tight deadline,” New Site town clerk Shelia Fuller said. “I have some candidates the commission has had since (July 7). It’s been a week.”

All of the town and city clerks in the area are beginning to sweat a little as the deadlines might mean a candidate could be left off the Aug. 25 ballot.

“I hope candidates come on in,” Fuller said. “I don’t want to have to think about a name not making on the ballot.”

As of noon Tuesday the following had qualified for municipal elections in Tallapoosa County:

Alexander City


• Curtis Woody Baird

Council District 2

• Audrey “Buffy” Colvin (Incumbent)

Council District 3

• Scott Hardy (Incumbent)

Council District 4

• John Eric Brown (Incumbent)

Council District 6

• Timothy Funderburk (Incumbent)

• James W. Keel



• Wayne Smith (Incumbent)

• Jimmy Frank Goodman Sr.

Council District 1

• Betty Adams (Incumbent)

Council District 2

• Brownie Caldwell (Incumbent)

Council District 3

• Tenesshia Goodman-Johnson (Incumbent)

• Larry Woodyard

Council District 4

• Terry Grees

Council District 5

• Tony Wolfe

Jacksons Gap


• Frank Lucas

• Richard Stewart

Council Place 3

• Allen Crouch

• Lee Patterson

• Jeff Walker

Council Place 4

• Jeannette Tuck (Incumbent)

Council Place 5

• Janice Glaze (Incumbent)

New Site


• Phil Blasingame (Incumbent)

Council Place 1

• Mickey Carter (Incumbent)

Council Place 2

• Christy Bryan Cook

• Blake Sherrer

Council Place 3

• Billy Daniel (Incumbent)

Council Place 4

• Cory Clark (Incumbent)

Council Place 5

• Toby Hanson (Incumbent)

• Timmy Anderson

The Town of Camp Hill had not gotten anything back from the Alabama Ethics Commission by Tuesday afternoon that the commission had approved candidates’ statements of economic interest.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.