Faith Night

The Alexander City Methodist Church praise and worship band performed at Faith Night Wednesday.

Faith Night hit the right notes Wednesday as the Alexander City Methodist Church praise and worship band performed at The Mill Two Eighty.

Tallapoosa County commissioner Steve Robinson hosted the event, which was also a part of Sun Festival.

In addition to music from the band, there was also Bible trivia and a contest to see who could name all the books of the Bible. People were served hot dogs and hamburgers.

Robinson said he was overwhelmed by how many people attended the event.

Robinson shared a devotional, prayed and talked about how the country can fix its problems.

“We are a blessed nation but we do have our problems,” Robinson said.

Robinson said in 2 Chronicles 7-14 God lays out how citizens can solve the country’s issues.

“We can blame the president, we can blame Congress, we can blame whomever, but God’s word says if you want your land to be healed then you my church need to do these things,” Robinson said.

People need to meet God’s conditions for Him to honor His promises, according to Robinson. Humbling themselves, praying, seeking God’s face and turning away from sin are how people can heal the nation.

“When the heart is prepared for the blessing, it will be given by God,” Robinson said. “Too often we hear too many people blame others for the wrong that’s being done in our world. We as a church, the body of Christ, have been charged to take control, to take a stand, to do what’s right, and if we do that God’s word tells us that He will heal our land.”