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The Associated Press has not called this race. 

Joe Biden has taken the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania this morning, putting him on the cusp of winning the electoral college vote with 264 delegates already, the Associated Press (AP) reports. Biden needs 270 delegates to win the presidency. 

The AP has called Arizona for Biden, leaving only Alaska, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina left to count. President Donald Trump leads in Alaska and North Carolina while Biden leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Biden only needs one of these three states to win the presidency.

Biden also leads the popular vote with 50.5% of the vote share so far. Trump holds 47.8% of the vote share.

In a press conference Thursday Trump accused Biden of “stealing” the election and threatened Supreme Court action. There has been no evidence of electoral fraud, the AP reports.

In a statement in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden all but claimed victory, calling for unity and trust on the electoral process.