drug take back

Fifth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jeremy Duerr helps pack prescription drugs into boxes during Saturday’s Drug Take Back Day at Walgreens in Alexander City.

While only 32 pounds of prescription drugs were collected at Walgreens during Saturday’s Drug Take Back Day in Alexander City, almost five times as much was gathered from three other boxes in Tallapoosa County.

Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett said a total of 181 pounds of prescription drugs were turned in, including 149 pounds from the three permanent collection boxes at Hometown Pharmacy in Alexander City, the sheriff’s department in Dadeville and at Lakeshore Pharmacy in Dadeville.

“We see a lot of people using those,” Abbett said. “Those are paying dividends. In the next couple of months we are going to add one at a pharmacy in Tallassee.”

The permanent boxes have been used for three years and Abbett said he hasn’t seen a change in the total weight collected.

Sgt. Fred White of the Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task Force said people surrender a wide variety of prescription drugs.

“Some people’s loved ones passed away … maybe they were in hospice care,” he said. “We get a good bit of that. It could be medication for terminal cancer all the way to a bottle of aspirin.”

Lizi Arbogast is the sports editor at Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc.