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Submitted / The Outlook BRHS grad Landon Lucas, left, suffered severe injuries in a car accident and Jake’s restaurant is helping to raise funds since his mother, Sissy, right, works there part time.

Benjamin Russell Class of 2020 graduate Landon Lucas was involved in a serious car accident Sept. 11 and is at UAB trauma unit to recover from his injuries. His mother, Sissy Lucas, is both an employee at Russell Medical and has been a server part-time at Jake’s restaurant for seven years.

To help offset some medical expenses, as well as Sissy’s hotel stay in Birmingham, owner of Jake’s Jake Mixon is helping to raise funds.

“She is a sweet, sweet, sweet person,” Mixon said. “She’s got three boys and she’s got a heart big as gold. She would do anything for anybody here.”

And Mixon said her son is the same way.

“Sissy’s never met a stranger and has a great personality,” Mixon said. “And Landon is just like that. He’s a great kid; graduated from high school this past year and was working and going to (Central Alabama Community College). Of course he had the wreck so it’s kind of put his life on hold until he recovers.”

Mixon felt paying forward the Lucas’ kindness would be the best way to show support.

“(Sissy) is going to stay at a hotel up there and she’s gonna be there for about a week and then play it by ear,” Mixon said. “We want to help on some of the medical expenses because you know, insurance doesn’t cover everything.”

Landon’s exact injuries are unknown but Mixon did say he broke his femur and suffered facial and head lacerations.

“He’s at UAB and they did run some tests on him to make sure he didn’t have any internal problems or blood clots but all those came back negative,” Mixon said.

Mixon is accepting donations at the restaurant and also said Sissy’s mother has set up a Venmo account at Beverly-Hutto-2.

Jake’s wife, Trissie, has also set up a GoFundMe account with a goal of at least $1,000. So far about half of that has been raised for Lucas and Sissy. Sissy will be out of work from both jobs as her son recovers, so any donation is helpful.

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.