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Russell Medical community prayer

As the coronavirus keeps the country and state at bay, staff at Russell Medical continues to treat those suffering from it.

Although they are busy, Russell Medical personnel are making efforts to keep families informed of the progress of their loved ones and providing answers along the way.

“Our staff does a good job of keeping the person of record for that patient informed,” Russell Medical CEO Jim Peace said. “There are calls that are made daily and responses made daily to family members who are asking questions.”

Like all other hospitals and nursing homes in the state, Russell Medical is allowing only staff, patients and residents to enter, but there are a few exceptions under current statewide mandates.

“Like the nursing homes, we have a no-visitor policy as well,” Peace said. “We have had cases where we weren’t sure the patients would make it through the night. We have allowed a family member to come in and say their goodbyes.”

Russell Medical did get good news over the weekend as it saw only five new positive cases of COVID-19 came back from the lab between Friday and Tuesday mornings. Between Tuesday and Friday last week Russell Medical had 16 confirmations of the coronavirus returned from labs. As of Tuesday morning, Russell Medical has tested 383 patients for COVID-19. 

Residents from Clay, Coosa, Lee and Tallapoosa counties have been tested at Russell Medical.

Peace told media and nursing home staff on Tuesday it is not seeing a spike in patients coming through the doors but there is still a trend to those seeking healthcare.

“We are still seeing a lot of flu-like symptoms coming through both inpatient and the emergency room,” Peace said.

Peace and other health officials have reiterated time and time again the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is through frequent handwashing, social distancing, not gathering and staying home as much as possible.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.