Daily COVID-19 update

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With the highly contagious omicron variant now the dominant variant nationwide, the Lake Martin area — and state, and country — are once again in uncharted territory. Here's the latest on COVID-19 in Tallapoosa, Coosa and Elmore counties, updated every weekday:

Tallapoosa County

  • Positivity rate — 23.8 percent
  • Seven-day caseload — 649 new cases (as of Tuesday*)
  • Average daily caseload — 92 new cases per day (as of Tuesday*)
  • Current one-day record — 145 new cases on Jan. 3

Coosa County

  • Positivity rate — 28.7 percent
  • Seven-day caseload — 160 new cases (as of Wednesday)
  • Average daily caseload — 23 new cases per day (as of Wednesday)
  • Current one-day record — 37 new cases on Jan. 4

Elmore County

  • Positivity rate — 46.1 percent
  • Seven-day caseload — 834 new cases (as of Tuesday)
  • Average daily caseload — 119 new cases per day (as of Tuesday)
  • Current one-day record — 251 on Aug. 11


  • Positivity rate — 43.6 percent
  • Hospitalizations — 1,459 as of Jan. 6

Source: Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

*Note: seven-day caseloads and seven-day moving averages represent the most recent week of data, with a two- to four-day lag depending on the county. The number of COVID-19 cases on each calendar date represents the data the case occurred, not the date it was reported to ADPH, and is therefore subject to change.

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