Dadeville mayor talks with legislature about annexation

Gabrielle Jansen / The Outlook

Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith speaks about city updates at the Dadeville Kiwanis meeting Thursday.

Annexation for Dadeville’s fire district was one of Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith’s goals for talking to the state legislature Tuesday.

Smith talked about his visit to the state capitol in Montgomery to the Dadeville Kiwanis Club Thursday.

Smith said he wants to annex the fire district near Dadeville that is covered by the Dadeville police and fire departments but is not represented by the city.

“(Annexation) will help them on their homeowner’s insurance rates and we’ll be able to provide services like the limb pickup and the garbage pickup and other services,” Smith said. “We’re looking to do that pretty soon maybe in this legislature’s session.”

Smith said Tuesday was legislative advocacy day in the state legislature and he spent the day with the Alabama League of Municipalities. Smith said they lobbied for bills that affect state municipalities.

Smith said they talked about online sales taxes Tuesday and having a tax that gave back some of the money to go to the state and municipalities.

“As you may or may not know we negotiated with the online supplier Amazon, so on and so forth where they pay a tax of merchandise sold in this area,” Smith said. “We bargained it to 6 percent goes to the state and 2 percent to the municipalities and counties. We’re going to go back and ask for another set and that’s not new revenue. What it is is the brick and mortar shopping areas have been … replaced by these online shopping and shipping (stores). So what we’re trying to do is recoup some of that tax revenue.”

Smith said Dadeville is extremely well represented in the state legislature.

“Tom Whatley, our senator, is very (in tune) to the needs of Tallapoosa County and Dadeville. Our representative is Ed Oliver and I spent most of the day with Ed and with Tom,” Smith said. “They are working hard for you. … This legislature has a chance to do something good. We have been held back a little bit because we’ve had some legislators who were in there that their only concern was getting reelected again.”

Smith said Alabama League of Municipalities deputy director Greg Cochran and Alabama speaker of the house chief of staff Mark Tuggle are also helping Dadeville.

“(Cochran) knows where Dadeville Alabama is, he knows where Lake Martin is and he’s going to be a big help,” Smith said. “He already has been a big help to us. … (Tuggle) works for us. He is our advocate so we are extremely represented.”