The Dadeville City Council unanimously approved hiring Avenu Insights & Analytics for business license discovery and recovery at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Avenu Insights & Analytics business development executive Yolanda Watkins told the council about the company had worked with the city years ago before its contract expired. Watkins said the company discovered $135,000 in additional business licenses for a total of 158 new business licenses on the city’s behalf.

“I would like for the council to think about starting the service again,” Watkins said. “It’s an added benefit because if we don’t find anything, it doesn’t cost you anything, but if we find something we split the revenue 50/50 and going forward all that revenue belongs to you all.”

Watkins said Avenu does all the work for the license discovery and recovery and starting from 2018, will go back three years in Dadeville’s business license list.

“We’ll get your paid business license list and we purchase a lot of data that you all won’t need but get access to and we use that as a cross reference,” Watkins said.

Councilmember Dick Harrelson made a motion to approve the request and councilmember Teneeshia Goodman-Johnson seconded it. The council then approved the request.