Dadeville Beautification Board working hard

Cliff Williams / The Outlook Members of the Dadeville Beautification Committee have renovated and decorated the gazebo on Tallassee Street across the street from the First Baptist Church.

The Dadeville Beautification Board explained some of the work it is doing to the Dadeville City Council Tuesday night.

“We have declared war on litter,” beautification board member Mickey Forbus said. “We have been picking up trash already. Just the other day we picked up 25 industrial-sized trash bags along West Lafayette Street.”

Litter is not the only thing the beautification board is tackling.

“We have renovated and decorated the gazebo for Valentine’s Day,” Forbus said. “We have also started to plant trees again.”

The gazebo is on city property on Tallassee Street just across from the First Baptist Church.

Mayor Wayne Smith said Dianna Porter has done a tremendous amount of work at Keebler Park, something everyone in the city should take pride in since the park is looking better and Porter is organizing community events for the park.

“She has taken Keebler Park as her own,” Smith said. “Now the city still holds the deed.”

Porter said she is organizing an Earth Day celebration for April 13 and it will include an egg hunt, clean air painting, and has taken on projects to make the area better.

“The tree trail will be finished by then,” Porter said. “And we just planted 1,200 daffodils.”

The council asked police chief David Barbour to look into the speed limits on North Loop Road.

“We did a study,” Barbour told the council. “I think the speed limits are fine.”

Barbour said the average speed he noted on the road was 34 mph and the speed limit is 45 mph. Barbour said he noticed a number of log trucks using the road and the council is looking at putting a weight restriction on the road since it is not constructed to handle such loads.

In other action the Dadeville City Council:

• Heard councilmember Dick Harrelson say the parks and recreation department has taken delivery of a new bush hog and the police department has taken delivery of a new 2019 Tahoe for patrol.

• Approved the purchase of a new tractor and side cut bush hog for mowing rights-of-ways. The city will pay $40,000 cash and finance the remaining $34,000 with payments coming from the city’s portion of the gas tax. The tractor and mower combination are available through state bid.

• Gave a deadline of March 15 for a homeowner on Lafayette Street to clean up a burned-out home. If it is not cleaned up by the deadline, the city will hire someone to clean it up and bill the property owner or put a lien on the property.

• Approved increasing the fee for lots in the new part of the cemetery to $500.

• Approved a new computer for the fire department. Fire chief Keith Wilkerson said he found some online for $500 – 600. The council also approved the purchase of emergency reporting system software. The cost is $750 up front and $100 a month. Wilkerson said it will allow online tracking of fire reports and training and is the same system used by fire departments in Hughley and Childersburg.

• Approved transferring a 2013 Tahoe from the police department to the fire department.

• Approved eight recreation center rentals.

• Agreed getting a list of surplus property together to declare it’s no longer needed and then auction it off.

• Smith asked councilmembers to come with a list of dwellings to tear down as part of another demolition grant. The grant application would be for $250,000, would require a 10 percent match from the city and take care of the demolition of 15 to 20 buildings.

• Tabled a resolution to replace fencing at McKelvey Park. The lowest quote came from Turner Fence for $9,600. Councilmembers asked about funding sources since the project was not in the budget. Some suggested the county school board could help and others asked about the Dixie Youth program helping.

The next meeting of the Dadeville City Council is at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26 with a pre-council meeting starting at 5 p.m.