Creation Plantation gets fresh paint

Cliff Williams / The Outlook Joyce Smith applies a fresh coat of paint near the children’s chimes at Creation Plantation in Keebler Park.

Volunteers took time away from family on a Saturday with great weather to freshen up Creation Plantation with fresh paint at Keebler Park in Dadeville.

“I’ve got grandkids and have been coming by here,” volunteer April Holdridge said. “I noticed something needed to be done.”

Creation Plantation has been around for nearly two decades and thousands of children have played in its spires and on its bridges and swings. Volunteers have been trying to make people aware of Creation Plantation and Keebler Park that surrounds it.

“Many people are not aware of the park behind the playground,” volunteer Dianna Porter said. “We have been doing a few things, moving some things around to let people see there is a park back there.”

Porter has spearheaded efforts to make Keebler Park more visible to Dadeville residents and beyond. Another group has been volunteering around town and helped put Holdridge in touch with Porter to spiffy up Creation Plantation.

“I got hold of the beautification board,” Holdridge said. “They put me into contact with Dianna.”

From there, the ladies got supplies donated and sought some help. On Saturday, Holdridge and Porter were joined by other volunteers applying paint to posts, railings and benches making things such as the tic-tac-toe board and pathways through the playground more visible and inviting.

And they are not through.

“We will likely be out here the next few weekends,” Porter said. “There is a lot to be done.”

Porter hopes someone can help with a special part of the project.

“We have an extension ladder but we haven’t found a volunteer to climb it yet to paint the stuff up high,” Porter said with a giggle. “I would but I don’t get along with ladders, especially as I get older.”

Holdridge said she is not giving up on the project after one weekend and will be back as needed to finish and see the playground is kept fresh.

“I just have to do anything for the kids,” she said.