wayne smith

Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith said the city is ending the decade strong.

Progress on the courthouse square project and recruiting businesses were some of the city of Dadeville’s accomplishments this year. Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith said the city is finishing the decade strong.

Business expansions include Aztecas Mexican Grill, which is opening in a few days, and buyers are looking at opening stores at the Family Dollar and Fred’s buildings.

“We’ve got a couple of people looking at businesses around the square,” Smith said. “That’s looking good. We felt like if we built it they will come and it looks like that is coming to fruition.”

The city is currently courting an industry to join the William T. Thweatt Industrial Park, according to Smith.

“I can’t say anything about it now but I look for us to have a new industry in 2020 with good paying jobs,” Smith said.

Smith said 2020 is going to be a good year for Lake Martin.

“What an honor and a privilege to serve as mayor of Dadeville,” Smith said. “The economy is good. We look for our sales taxes to do good and onward and upward.”

The courthouse square project, which began late July, is expected to finish in early January. Renovations include new sidewalks, lighting and landscaping.

“We’re going to finish this courthouse project and it’s really going to look good,” Smith said. “I appreciate everybody’s patience while we’ve been doing the construction. We’re getting close.”

The city put getting a new building for the Dadeville Fire Department on hold this year, but Smith expects to get the department’s Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating soon. ISO ratings determine how well a local fire department responds to fires and insurance companies use the scores to set home insurance rates.

“We feel like our ISO rates will improve and therefore everybody’s homeowner’s insurance will be a little bit cheaper,” Smith said. “We’ll put money back in the citizens’ pockets, which is always good to do, plus upgrading your fire protection is good for everybody.”

The upgraded protection the city went through this year included adding a full-time employee, more training and getting a new truck.

The city held off annexing property covered by the Dadeville Fire Department’s district but not represented by the city council. Smith said the city will pursue annexation when it’s ready.

“Of course there’s some opposition to it from some of the citizens, but we want everyone to be on board with it before we do it,” Smith said. “We’ll try to get that ironed out if we can.”

Alabama Department of Transportation installed a four-way stop at Broadnax and Lafayette streets this fall. Smith said the traffic flow is still moving and the city will evaluate if it should install traffic lights at the intersection next year.

“That’s going to be an ongoing study,” Smith said. “Like I said, right now it seems to be working pretty smooth.”

The city council lost District 5 councilmember Dick Harrelson, who died Dec. 12. The council voted to offer the seat to Toney Wolfe, who came in second behind Harrelson in the 2016 election, at its Dec. 23 meeting. The city has not offered the position yet, according to Smith.

“We’re still mourning the loss of Mr. Harrelson, but we’re well on the way to putting somebody in his place,” Smith said.

The city improved drainage issues and is looking forward to fixing them for 2020, according to Smith.  Fixing drainage issues includes redirecting washed up water in the roads by using flumes.

“You don’t see water running in the streets like it used to and we’re improving our services for our citizens,” Smith said. “That’s an ongoing thing too.”

The city will improve roads by paving and fixing them with the money from the Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure gas tax passed this year. Smith does not have an estimate on how much the city will receive.

“That’s going to bring money in and do more,” Smith said. “We’re working on that and that’s something we’ll do (next year).”