Dadeville City Council

Cliff Williams / The Outlook Members of the Dadeville Fire Department attended Tuesday’s Dadeville City Council meeting.

Dadeville residents don’t have to worry about a lack of fire coverage.

Even with the non-reappointment of Dadeville fire chief Keith Wilkerson, the department is still answering calls. Dadeville Mayor Jimmy Frank Goodman said “the fire department is covered.”

“The fire department still functions,” Goodman said. “Capt. Derrick Beckham is a fulltime firefighter. He is in charge of things on an interim basis until we find a new fire chief.”

Goodman said contacts have been made to make sure things run smoothly with other agencies.

“Capt. Beckham has given his information to Tallapoosa County EMA director Jason Moran and 911 dispatch, so they all know who to call if the need arises,” Goodman said.

Goodman said he hopes the city can find a new fire chief soon.

“We have already posted the job with a description,” Goodman said. “It will be up for 14 days. When that is over, we will take the applications and start an interview process.”

Goodman said the department has personnel stepping forward to help out.

“We have some volunteers,” Goodman said. “Some are coming in and pitching in where needed. We have one who works with the Opelika Fire Department. He is coming in for 12-hour shifts when he can.”

Goodman wants to reassure Dadeville residents there is no need to worry about no one answering fire calls.

“We have the fire department covered,” Goodman said. “We are not going to leave anyone hanging for fire coverage.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.