Dadeville City Council

Siri Hedreen / The Outlook

Dadeville City Council members Tony Wolfe (left) and Roy Mathis, Mayor Jimmy "Frank" Goodman and councilmember Darryl Heard convene at a September meeting.

A daycare is coming to south Dadeville, in spite of its new neighbors' wishes.

The Dadeville City Council unanimously approved the zoning board's decision to rezone the property, slated for the childcare center, from residential to commercial Tuesday. Building inspector J.D. Ayers told the council the board had reached a consensus on the decision though "there was some opposition" at the zoning meeting.

Karen White, who came to represent the residents of Laeman's Landing, a subdivision off State Highway 49 that sits adjacent to the future daycare center, to represent them also addressed the Dadeville City Council Tuesday.

"That's a subdivision that my family has developed, it's named after my dad, and they have an issue with this zoning," she said.

White said residents didn't oppose the business, just its location.

"There would have to be extensive fencing around the area to keep those children safe," she said. "The liability of this situation just seems nightmarish to us. So, we would ask that she find a suitable place to put it [because] we just don't think that lot is suitable for a daycare."

Despite the plea, the council went on to approve the rezone with little discussion among councilmembers and was met with a round of applause.

The one-acre property slated for the daycare is owned by Sharondia Tuck, according to her rezoning application, and sits in a small residential area between an assisted living facility and Fusion Grill restaurant.

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