Roy Mathis

Siri Hedreen / The Outlook

Councilmember Terry Greer chose former councilmember Roy Mathis, above, to take his place during his overseas deployment.

Dadeville city councilmember Terry Greer selected former District 4 councilmember Roy Mathis Tuesday to take his place during overseas military deployment.

Mathis will take Greer's place after a swearing in at the next council meeting June 8.

"As most everybody knows, tonight will be my last council meeting for awhile because I'm being deployed," Greer told attendees Tuesday.

Greer said his recommendation of Mathis was in accordance with the Alabama League of Municipalities guidance in the event of a councilmember temporarily vacating a position. Mathis held Greer's seat on the council up until Greer replaced him in November. 

Dadeville mayor Jimmy "Frank" Goodman, a military veteran, wished Greer well during his nine- to 12-month deployment.

"We thank him for his service to his city and to this country," Goodman said. "Prayers to his safe deployment for councilperson Greer and his unit. For those of us that have served in the armed forces, we know what he is going through and we know the cost of being away from family and home.

"I've been in that position myself," Goodman added. "We just wish him well and Godspeed. And myself, I'd like to give him a round of applause."

Tuesday's council meeting was followed with refreshments at Dadeville City Hall in Greer's honor.