robin reynolds

Dadeville city attorney Robin Reynolds talks at the council meeting Tuesday.

The Dadeville City Council heard Tuesday night from the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission on applying for a grant for paving and demolition.

EARPDC regional planner Jason Hardin informed the council the group is working with the city on a grant for street paving on Freeman Drive at the Dadeville Housing Authority and demolishing 22 properties. Dadeville city clerk Debbie Minor said the grant application is for both projects.

“(Freeman Drive is) in absolutely awful condition,” Hardin said. “If you’ve driven through there it’s really bad and also we’re looking at funding for demolition of dilapidated structures.”

Hardin said anyone with nuisance complaints or those affected by the street paving should bring the EARPDC written statements so they can use them for the application.

“As far as the housing authority goes with street paving, if you or anyone you know lives around there, if we could get statements from you saying if it’s placed a burden on you or if you’ve had repeated alignments to your apartment or it is in such awful condition … please let us know if there’s anything of that nature,” Hardin said.

Hardin said the city determined which properties to demolish.

“If we receive funding we’ll have to go through asbestos inspections and they’ll have to make sure that the city has the right,” Hardin said. “They’ll have to go through the nuisance statement process if someone owns it. That’s only if we get funding.”

The city council voted unanimously to select Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood as project engineer for the housing authority street-paving project.

The council also unanimously passed pursuing any dilapidated building without needing formal complaints from citizens.

In other action, the city council:

• Voted unanimously to wait for restitution before filing a civil suit after a minor struck and broke a city sign in an uninsured vehicle.

• Voted unanimously for an agreement with Avenu Insights for business license discovery and recovery.

• Was reminded Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day.

• Unanimously approved recreation center rentals.