Dadeville City Council

The Dadeville City Council discussed food trucks, the senior nutrition program and the 2019-20 budget.

On Tuesday, the Dadeville City Council approved closing the senior nutrition program temporarily and tabled a vote about employee pay increase for the 2019-20 budget.

Smith announced to the council the senior nutrition program directors are retiring and the city doesn’t have anyone to replace them yet. The nutrition program has 13 people signed up but also delivers to homebound residents, according to Smith.

“If people want the program and participate in the program and use the program, we’ll start it back up,” Smith said. “I assure you we aren’t going to let anyone go hungry.”

For the homebound residents, Smith said he plans to contact the Alexander City Meals on Wheels program. 

The program has two applicants for the director position, according to Smith.

“We don’t have nobody trained or nothing and it would just be a mess I think,” councilmember Dick Harrelson said.

The council unanimously voted to terminate the program after Friday until someone can fill in and restart the program.

The council then moved on to discuss an employment pay increase for the 2019-20 city budget. Smith said the city is in the black and next year’s proposed budget is conservative.

“We managed to give one last year,” Smith said. “I would like to discuss it (at Tuesday’s meeting) and we’ll vote on it at the next council meeting Sept. 10, and there are several proposals on the table.”

Smith proposed a 2 or 3% increase or a 25-cent or 50-cent increase per hour.

“I just want to get the council’s feelings on it,” Smith said. “Of course we’d love to give to everybody.”

Councilmember Roy Mathis said he looked into the budget and can find money to give employees raises. Mathis brought a print out from the Tallapoosa County Commission that projects Dadeville’s projected revenues from property taxes are $20,000 more than from the city’s projected revenues.

“If we give them 25-cents-an-hour increase it costs us $19,000 additional in the budget,” Mathis said. “I feel like they deserve it. I know our budget is tight but we can find the money.”

Harrelson then asked about the increases in employees’ insurance and being able to do that and give raises.

Councilmember Teneeshia Goodman-Johnson made a motion to table the decision for raises for the next meeting. The council originally voted 4-1 with Mathis against.

“I feel like we can find the money in the budget to cover the pay raises,” Mathis said.

Mathis later agreed and the council unanimously tabled the vote.

In other action the Dadeville City Council:

• Unanimously approved the Rebuild Alabama transportation plan.

• Unanimously approved opening a bank account for Rebuild Alabama’s gas and diesel tax.

• Discussed creating an ordinance about food truck locations near restaurants.

• Approved recreation center rentals.

• Approved a side by side utility vehicle purchase for city employee Brett Payne, supervisor of the cemetery department. 

• Went into executive session for 16 minutes to discuss an employee’s good name and character.