Creation Plantation

The monkey bar swings at the Creation Plantation, above, are a potential safety hazard, building inspector J.D. Ayers told the council Tuesday.

Something's rotten at the Creation Plantation, forcing the City of Dadeville to ask its parks and recreation department to close the Keebler Park playground temporarily.

Dadeville mayor Jimmy "Frank" Goodman directed parks and rec director Scott Baker to close off the park at Tuesday's council meeting, until a safety hazard has been corrected; however, as of Wednesday morning the playground and monkey bars remained accessible to the public.

City building inspector J.D. Ayers had brought the concern to the mayor and council Tuesday, explaining the wooden beam from which the monkey bar swings hang is loose and needs replacement.

"The boards are kind of rotting at the bottom so they've lost their strength," Ayers told the mayor and city council. "It's kind of wobbly. And a heavy person or something or other could break it down, possibly. So, I recommend maybe we take them down or something."  

According to Ayers, the whole playground, constructed almost entirely of wood, may be due a more thorough inspection.

"The whole place is getting kind of old. It's starting to get kind of weak in places," he said. "There's two of them. And they're real wobbly so somebody getting on there could turn them loose and somebody could fall."

Earlier this year, the similarly designed Imagination Station at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex in Alexander City was torched by the fire department due to rotten wood that had failed inspection. The Funtastic Fort in east Tallassee went up in flame in October. Both are being replaced.

Goodman called for further inspection of the Creation Plantation by the parks and rec department Tuesday.

"We don't need anyone hurt over there," he said. "Check the rest of the boards, if the rest of the boards have gotten old and rotten. Let's replace everything that needs replacing there. But for now, tomorrow, let's close the park until we get all this taken care of."

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