The Tallapoosa County Board of Education will vote on replacing roofing at Dadeville High School and Edward Bell Career Technical Center’s gym at its Monday meeting.

The school board met Tuesday for a work session to go over possible items for its next meeting.

Tar and gravel roofs at both schools have leaks and would be replaced with rubber roofs, according to maintenance supervisor Dwayne Johnson. Rubber roofs are easier to repair and Dadeville’s would have a 20-year warranty.

A thermograph showing the moisture of Dadeville’s roof looked like a storm on weather radar, according to Johnson.

“It shows green and red where the moisture is,” Johnson said. “I don’t know how we kept from having many more leaks than we already have.”

The roofing for Dadeville High School will cost $179,720 and would be paid by funds from the 1-cent sales tax, according to superintendent Joe Windle. 

“We’re at the point now where we can go ahead and do the work,” Windle said. “If there’s no discussion on it then I recommend on Monday night we go ahead and put the roof on that building.”

The board was given the option of coating over the leaks at Edward Bell’s gym or replacing the roof. Board member Michael Carter said he wants the building to continue to be used for years.

“The future is bright enough that we want to maintain every facility out there,” Carter said. “I say we put the better roof on it.”

The rubber roof for the gym would cost about $88,000, according to Windle. 

“I know it’s too good a building to sit there and rot,” Johnson said.