TC Coley

Tallapoosa County commissioner TC Coley talks to the board about the Alabama Education Agency plans and the commission's work.

The Tallapoosa County Board of Education on Monday signed a letter to the Tallapoosa County Commission specifying $29.8 million in projects it wants completed through funding from the county’s 1-cent sales tax. 

Commission chair T.C. Coley recently sent the board an email asking for the list, projected construction costs, ranking of priority and a projected completion date for each project.

“If a long-term partnership is approved, Tallapoosa County Board of Education is prepared to embark on the largest capital investment in the history of Tallapoosa County education and I think that’s exciting,” superintendent Joe Windle said.

The projects total $29,830,327.

The top priority is Horseshoe Bend’s campus, including renovations and building a new stand-alone auditorium. 

Renovations include HVAC in the high school and elementary school gyms, upgrading the high school gym’s locker rooms, converting a room to a female conditioning room and renovating the mezzanine gym area for coaches offices, a hospitality room and training room. The elementary gym will get additional bathrooms, a playing floor and goals along the side. 

Upgrades to increase technology and conversion of classrooms, added gutters and addressing drainage and civil engineering issues are also included for the schools.

The projected construction start date is December and the completion date for the auditorium is summer 2021 while the other renovations are expected to be complete by spring 2021. The projected cost is $4,070,702.

Dadeville’s campus is the second priority with renovations and additions to the elementary school. The elementary lunchroom would be expanded and have a new kitchen and serving lines. 

Renovations include modernizing the hallways and floors, installing energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, new ceilings, marker boards, doors, hardware, exit and emergency lights and toilets.

Dadeville High School renovations include building a new gym, fieldhouse and weight room in addition to improvements to the current gym. 

The projected construction start date for the elementary school and high school gym is January 2020 and the completion date for the new gym, fieldhouse and weight room is spring 2021. The projected completion date for the elementary school renovations and lunchroom is summer 2021. The projected cost for Dadeville schools is $10,947,625.

Reeltown’s campus is the next priority its projects include replacing the 90-year-old elementary school building. 

The project would include an administrative area, media center, 35 classrooms, a kitchen, cafeteria and a mini-gym, which would also be a safe space and used for programs.

The projected starting construction date is January 2020 and completion date is August 2021. The new school is projected to cost $14,812,000.

Coley compared partnering with the school system to “casting dice for the next 30 years.”

“I’m excited that we have the opportunity we have in front of us,” Coley said.

Windle thanked Coley for the commission’s support.

“Investment in education and investing in our youth is an investment in economic development in the county,” Windle said.

Windle also distributed the first draft of a capital improvement plan to the board. He said the first three projects on the list are in the letter to the county commission but other projects include renovating Reeltown High School’s gym and band room along with technology upgrades.

“Included technology projects funding will come out (of the) education advancement technology fund and is funded,” Windle said.

In other action, the school board:

• Unanimously approved a bid for replacing part of the DHS roof from Mid-Western Commercial Roofers for $179,720.

• Unanimously approved starting the process for a new roof at the Edward Bell Career Tech gym estimated to cost $88,000.

• Unanimously approved an audit report from Nikki Morrison of the State of Alabama Department of Examiners.

• Heard from Windle plans to let students at Lyman Ward Military Academy participate in some programs at Edward Bell Career Tech Center and Tallapoosa County students participate in the aviation program there.

The board also approved the following personnel moves:


• Amy Taylor, Dadeville Elementary counselor

• Christy Lee Clayton, system wide technology

• Dekota Stinson, Horseshoe Bend School parapro

• Phillip Strickland, HBS bus driver


• Cale Dennis, DHS math teacher

• Angela Harrison, RHS special education teacher

• Misty Trussell, DES teacher