Throw Away Days

A program to help rid Tallapoosa County of illegal dumps is continuing even though one community partner has dissolved.

A program to help rid Tallapoosa County of illegal dumps is continuing even though one community partner has dissolved.

Throw Away Days have given Tallapoosa County residents a means to rid their homes and yards of garbage over the last few years. Tallapoosa County Commission chair Steve Robinson said county employees were discovering trash on roadsides and decided to do something.

“We were discovering illegal dumps; that was the driving force behind the Throw Away Days,” he said. “They didn’t have a place to go and we’re cleaning it up.”

Robinson said before the Throw Away Days, county residents had no where to take things besides garbage. The dumpsters placed around the county gave residents a place to legally get rid of unwanted items.

It started with the Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership which dissolved earlier this year and the Tallapoosa County Commission quickly came on board. Now the partnership is no longer but the commission has taken the reins.

“Initially it was annually,” Robinson said. “Then we went to semi-annual and now every quarter. Most people are going to do a spring or fall cleaning. They need somewhere to go with the trash.”

The Throw Away Days are changing again as the dumpsters will be at locations for two days but locations will have different schedules.

“The trash provider had difficulty in keeping all of them empty over two days,” Robinson said. “What we did is to stagger them over four days.”

The dumpsters will be at the Alexander City Courthouse Annex at 395 Lee S.t and Double Bridges on Highway 63 Oct. 7-8 and will be at the intersection of Eagle Creek Road and Main Street in Jacksons Gap, at the intersection of Young’s Ferry Road at Mullican Loop in Dadeville and on Highway 50 at the Union Community Center Oct. 9-10.

Items that cannot be accepted are liquids, appliances with compressors, tires, batteries, light bulbs, televisions, computers, propane tanks and hazardous or medical waste.

Lake Martin Resource Association’s John Thompson likes that Robinson is helping continue the program. Thompson helped the Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership with the program and solicited help from the commissioners as it started.

“It is great to see them keeping it alive,” Thompson said. “Steve Robinson has been a huge supporter. We don’t see the number of illegal dumps that we used to. This has been an excellent move for the community. I am pleased to see them expand it.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.