Community member Teresa Moten talks to the school board about the history of Stephens Elementary School.

The Alexander City Board of Education unanimously approved Tuesday a new assessment system that also teaches students and offers classes.

Deputy superintendent Dr. Beverly Price presented to the board Edgenuity, the assessment piece for the schools to use. 

Kindergarten through sixth grades will use the program after taking Scantron exams in the fall and the program will evaluate and identify areas of gaps and make content paths.

“We will initially use it with our Tier 2 and Tier 3 students and those students who are going into the intervention classes,” Price said. “So we hope to be able to pinpoint those skills that those students have deficits in and it will give the teacher a better path to get them up to speed to where they need to be.”

Price said Alexander City Middle School and Benjamin Russell will have the same program in addition to offering courses the schools do not currently have and can be used in the classroom for students who are behind in their academic progress.

“All of their courses are aligned to the Alabama course of study and the courses at the high school level are compliant with the NCAA,” Price said. “It is a little pricy but sometimes you have to pay for what you expect.”

At Phoenix Academy, the alternative school, students can also use the program for credit recovery.

“It was proven to have all the bells and whistles and from talking to people who used it, it works,” Price said.

Superintendent Dr. Keith Lankford said students can use the program at home and during the After the Bell program. 

Lankford said the program is being paid for through the school system’s technology and advancement fund.

In other action the school board:

Heard a presentation from community leader Teresa Moten about the history of Stephens Elementary School (SES) and Nathaniel Stephens.

Selected members Denise Bates as board president and Kelly Waldrop as board vice president.

Approved the school year 2019-20 meeting schedule.

Approved a 4% pay raise to Alexander City School System office staff.

Approved a revision in the policy for student bullying prevention.

Approved a $3.5 million agreement with Lathan Associates Architects for additions and alterations to Jim Pearson Elementary School (JPES).

Listened to a presentation on the school’s 2018 audit.

The board also approved the following personnel moves from the last three meetings of May 21, June 6 and June 11:


April Drake, teacher at JPES

Sherrelle Holloway, teacher at JPES

Johnathan Warren, music teacher at JPES

Doug Ward, physical education teacher and bus driver at JPES

Tawana Thomas, secretary at JPES

Felicia Bellamy, teacher at SES

Jon Owens, assistant principal at SES

Ginger Fitzgerald, special education teacher at Radney Elementary School (RES) 

Hannah Hawk, art teacher at RES 

Nick Davis, assistant principal at BRHS

James Haynes, special education teacher at BRHS 

Glenda Hardnett, teacher at SES 

Brittney Green, teacher at SES

Vanessa Brooks, music teacher at SES 

Margaret Owens, auxiliary teacher at JPES 

Nancy Holley, auxiliary teacher at JPES 

Lakesha Morgan, auxiliary teacher at JPES

Brentina Williamson, paraprofessional at JPES 

Kristin Williams, paraprofessional at JPES

Rhonda Childs, paraprofessional at JPES

Ben Blake, paraprofessional at SES

Demetrius Fleetion, paraprofessional at SES

Shanna Thompson, paraprofessional at ACMS

Martae Wyckoff, paraprofessional at BRHS

Cody Glenn, paraprofessional at BRHS


Libby Welcher, teacher at JPES


Autumn Rager, teacher at RES

Johnathan Baker, bus driver

Harbson Thompson, bus driver

Michelle Gigis, teacher at JPES

Jarrell Burns, science teacher at BRHS

Audra Welch, science teacher at ACMS

Loren Padgett, English teacher at BRHS

Justin McCollum, social science teacher at BRHS

Prentice Thomas, science teacher at BRHS

Jennifer Taunton, career tech teacher at BRHS


Tabetha Blankenship, from JPES teacher to SES counselor 

Reginald Clifton, from director of support assessment programs to itinerant assistant principal

Cassandra Freeman, from secretary to alternative school secretary at BRHS

Sherri Campbell, from RES teacher to ACMS art teacher

Ivy Pike, from instructional coach at SES to instructional coach at JPES

Crystal Wellborn, from special education teacher at ACMS to special education teacher at BRHS

Wes Coleman, from physical education teacher at RES to drivers education teacher at BRHS

Page 4 of 5 May 21, 20New Hires 


Jeffrey Odom, physical education teacher at SES

Rodney O’Neal, teacher at RES

Clifford Wayner, bus driver 

Gina Powell, bus driver

April Yarbrough, physical education teacher at JPES 

Michael Waters, maintenance worker

Mitchell Black, assistant principal at SES

Ricki Mahan, teacher at SES

Hayle Mitchell, music teacher at SES

Morgan Anderson, teacher at JPES 

Brandy Price, teacher at JPES

Sandy Teel, special education director 

Levi Wilson, physical education teacher at JPES

Alex LeSueur, music teacher at JPES

Amy Maynard, teacher at RES 

Virginia Fussell, English teacher at ACMA

Lauren Vernon, English teacher at BRHS

Kate Ponder, English teacher at BRHS

John Fussell, social teacher at BRHS

Connor Smith, social teacher at BRHS

Dawn Guy, science teacher at BRHS

Mark Lucas, art teacher at RES 

Jonathan Adams, math teacher at BRHS

John Mason, special education teacher at ACMS

Melissa Edwards, bookkeeper at ACMS 

Karen Litton, special education teacher at RES

LaCresha Griffin, teacher at JPES

Chase Campbell, physical education teacher at RES


Haley Sparks, teacher at JPES 


Angela Strickland, principal at JPES 

Barbara Thompson, HIPPY program director 

Jessica Sanford, public relations specialist