Morrisa Tuck

Siri Hedreen / The Outlook

Alex City native Morrisa Tuck (left) signed books and handed out door prizes at Adelia M. Russell Library Tuesday as she promotes her latest novel, "And Troubles Rise." 

Alexander City native Morrisa Tuck was back in her hometown Tuesday evening to promote her second novel, "And Troubles Rise" at Adelia M. Russell Library.

"I'm proud to be a writer of faith-filled fiction," Tuck said, describing the genre as fiction in which Christianity plays a central role in the main characters' lives. "These books come from (my own) conversations and experiences over the years."

But as Tuck draws on her own faith and upbringing, her debut novel "Times Like These," takes place in the fictional Oak City, not Alex City, about Rachel, "the first lady of the most prominent church in the African-American community." Rachel's life is turned upside-down when her husband is found murdered in the home of his former lover.

Her latest novel, a Christian love story, "is much lighter," Tuck said, explaining she didn't want to be pigeonholed to one storyline.

Both stories still have an uplifting tone. Tuck includes discussion questions with her books, and has participated in a few author Q&As in readers' book clubs.

Recalling one reader's praise, "One of the women told me that Rachel inspired her in terms of her prayer life," Tuck said. "That meant so much to me just to know that." 

Tuck, who now lives in Millbrook with her husband and three sons, practices a different type of writing in her day job as a grant-writer at Baptist Health hospital in Montgomery.

"I am so inspired (by) you," a fan said at Tuck's book-signing Tuesday. "You're a mother and wife and you're homeschooling, and then you can write a book."

Tuck's fiction can be found on Amazon or at For Heaven's Sake bookstore in Alexander City.

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