City of Alexander City employees will see changes in upcoming paychecks.

In an effort to give human resources more time to correct issues in the payroll process, Alexander City is moving from one day between the end of the pay period and getting paid to five days. The issue has many confused because employees will see one check in transition that will be smaller but no employee will miss out on pay due to them, according to city finance director Sandy Stanbrough.

“Those on a weekly pay period will have a pay period from May 21 and end on May 24,” Stanbrough said. “They will be paid on May 29. The biweekly employees will have a pay period from May 14 and end on May 24. They will be paid on May 29.”

Stanbrough said normal paychecks will return the next week.

“The next weekly check on June 5 will be for five days,” Stanbrough said. “The next biweekly check will be June 12 and will be for 10 days.”

Stanbrough said the change was needed to add time for administrative reasons, something allowed under the Fair Labor Act.

“If the storm last month would have happened on a Wednesday or Thursday, it would have been disastrous for payroll,” Stanbrough said. “The old system also did not allow for certain people to be out on given days. This gives us more time to get it done.”

Stanbrough said the month of May was picked for the change because it has extra pay periods already built into it.

“May has five weekly and three biweekly pay periods,” Stanbrough said. “It was done this way to be the least impactful on employees.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.