CACC ambassador Emily Jones, left, leads a campus tour during pre-college orientation Thursday. The group stopped at the Betty Carol Graham Center.

Central Alabama Community College ambassador Emily Jones stopped outside the abandoned library on campus to address new students.

“Say it after me: ‘You’re not allowed to go in there,’” Jones said.

CACC welcomed newcomers with pre-college orientation called “CACC Connect” Thursday at the Betty Carol Graham Center. Students were introduced to the career technical programs, heard from security and financial aid and were given tours of the campus.

About 90 students attended the event. The students were told about online classes and the importance of doing well in class.

Students registered for classes at the end of the campus tour.

New student Dawson Self said he’s attending CACC since he thought it was great way to transfer credits to Auburn University.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” Self said. “I’m really excited to start.”

Self plans to major in agricultural education but said hearing about the welding and machine shop program interested him.

“I think honestly (I liked) hearing about all the opportunities especially with career tech and hearing how much they can promise and how multiple industries are calling and saying they need jobs,” Self said.

New student Terrance Crayton is serving as the secretary for the Future Farmers of America this year and said he is attending CACC to make traveling easier while visiting high schools around the state.

“CACC is more close to home and (they’re) a lot easier transferring credits to Auburn,” said Crayton, who plans to major in agricultural education.

“Everyone is not necessarily needed (to have) four-year degrees,” Crayton said. “We need two-year degrees to come fill these jobs so these jobs aren’t shipping out of our country.”