BRHS student Benjamin Hendrix recognized by magazine

Benjamin Hendrix, a senior at Benjamin Russell High School, is honored as a Teen Spotlight in Potential MagazineHendrix, center is shown alongside his parents, Bill and Dedie.(Special / The Outlook)

Benjamin Russell High School senior Benjamin Hendrix has been recognized by the Montgomery-based Potential magazine, a publication aimed at students and their parents preparing for college.

“We love spotlighting teens in Alabama and gaining great advice from their parents,” Potential Publisher Pam Mashburn said in a prepared statement.

In each quarterly issue, the magazine selects several students nominated by a school or community leader they feel excels in any number of fields, including academics, athletics, leadership, community service and the arts. Once the students are picked, the magazine writes a spotlight feature about them and their parents, which is published along with a photo shoot.

Hendrix is a linebacker on the football team, plays golf and soccer for the Wildcats, and has won two state championships in powerlifting. He is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the National Honor Society, and is registered in dual enrollment classes at Central Alabama Community College.

What makes Hendrix’s story even more inspiring and noteworthy is that, in order to get where he is today, he had to overcome cancer at the age of 13.

“Going from a normal teenager to being locked up in the hospital for months with an IV pole constantly attached, and having procedures or surgeries every week really put how important life is in perspective for me,” Hendrix said in a statement from Potential. “Once I beat cancer, I made it my goal not to take anything for granted. I want to be remembered as a good Christian person who has helped people around me and my community.”

The magazine also interviewed his parents, who stated they felt overcoming this disease that had greatly weakened him made him even stronger than before, and greatly admired the courage he had shown throughout the process.

Hendrix said he plans on going to college after graduation, but wants to come back to Alexander City after his university career to be a part of his family’s business, Russell Lands. He worked in the forestry division there over the summer, and his desire in wanting to learn more while growing in the company is leading him to return and work with Russell Lands again, after attending college.