The Boys & Girls Club of the Lake Martin Area is actively planning a pilot program of its Goodwater Unit at Central Coosa High School which is tentatively scheduled to open in the fall if there are enough children enrolled to support the extension.

The Boys & Girls Club requires each unit to have between 50 and 100 members. The hours would be 3 until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Ages for registration are 5-12 and the cost per week is $18.75.

Boys & Girls Club CEO Melissa Reynolds said the organization is looking for a unit director for the potential Goodwater unit.

“This person needs to have a good educational background and be able to work with children,” she said. “The mission of this club is to inspire and enable all young people from all circumstances to realize their full potential as productive, responsible citizens. This is a great opportunity for the Boys & Girls Club to spread its wings in which to help more children in our community.”

Reynolds encourages parents with kids who stay at home after school to register.

“At the club, kids will be fed a healthy, filling dinner, get help with their homework, play educational games and be able to socialize with kids their age,” Reynolds said. “This will also help the parents who work in Alexander City, Rockford and Sylacauga (and the) surrounding area to allow their kids to stay close to home. We plan on incorporating a library, game room, computer lab and the superintendent of Coosa County (Andi Wilson) has offered to help.

“We are very excited the Coosa County Board of Education has provided us with such an opportunity and that we are going to be able to make an impact on the kids’ lives that attend.”

For more information, contact Reynolds at 256-234-4757 or visit