Bobby Tapley has served two terms on the Alexander City City Council and hopes to serve another.

Tapley is once again seeking support from District 1 voters to be reelected for a third term.

“I am still passionate about Alexander City and its citizens,” Tapley said. “Although we have accomplished a lot of good things over the past eight years, there is still a lot of work to be done.”

Tapley prides himself on knowing the needs of District 1 and wants to continue friendships and conversations.

“I have always listened to my constituents and my voting record shows that,” Tapley said. “I have done everything within my power to do what is in the best interest of District 1 and will continue to do so if reelected. I will continue to be available and I encourage people to contact me with concerns, complaints or ideas. 

“I have always maintained transparency, honesty and accountability, as well as being visible and actively involved in District 1 and Alexander City. 

Tapley said he has never thought serving as a councilmember was easy.

“I have never taken this position lightly or for granted and will continue to remain humble,” Tapley said. “I believe everyone in my district deserves to be respected and heard. I will continue take all calls in hopes of serving my community to the best of my ability. It’s been an honor to serve District 1 as their city councilman for the past eight years. I want to thank every single person that has supported me so far and I am asking for your support again.”