Blanco's Food Truck owner Tony Blanco, center, cuts onions while his mother, Ana Zarate takes an order.

It’s business as usual for local chef Tony Blanco but this time with his own food truck.

Blanco’s Food Truck is now operating full time in Alexander City.

Blanco worked at Coffee Corner on Main for years and made Mexican food there before leaving in March. Mark Gilliland, of Ocie & Belle’s, approached Blanco about opening a food truck after he left.

“I had no intention on doing anything food-related immediately after I left Coffee Corner, but he approached me and the idea came up after that,” Blanco said.

Blanco said he stepped away from Coffee Corner because he wanted to move on.

Blanco’s Food Truck currently serves tacos, quesadillas and nachos but will add more food to the menu. Blanco has cooked professionally for three years.

“We’ve had a pretty good couple days starting up,” Blanco said. “The good thing is we already know what we’re doing since we’ve already come from doing it at an established restaurant.”

Planning where and when to park the truck can be a challenge, but Blanco likes being able to travel anywhere for his job.

“But I think that’s the beauty of it; you can move where you want,” Blanco said. “If it’s not working in one location, you can go elsewhere.”

It has barley been a week since the business opened and Blanco’s Food Truck has sold out every day. While the business officially opened Monday, Blanco used it for two events previously last week.

The truck has been parked outside Caldwell’s Electronics on Cherokee Road since Monday.

“I came by (Monday),” customer Sonny Wilson said. “I just drove by and saw him here and I stopped and it was good so I came back (Tuesday).”

Customer LaCrystal Ervin said she used to work with Blanco and wanted to order his food.

“Tony’s a nice guy and very friendly, so I like his food,” Ervin said. “It’s great. It’s wonderful.”

Wilson said the truck is convenient for having a quick lunch.

“It’s something different,” Wilson said. “You don’t have to go in a restaurant and sit down. You can get it and go. They’re pretty quick (with the) service and I stood here about two minutes and I was out of here.”

Visit Blanco’s Food Truck on Facebook to see its menu and location.

“We really want to thank everybody who’s coming out right now,” Blanco said. “We appreciate their business and hopefully they catch wind of this.”