Alabama Power Foundation has awarded 39 Good Roots grants to recipients across Alabama and the Alexander City Tree Board and Dadeville Beautification Board (pictured) are two of those recipients. 

Dadeville’s tree roots are regrowing thanks to the Dadeville Beautification Board’s plan to add trees around the city. The board is planting more trees in the city and is partnering with Dadeville High School classes to plant dedicated trees around the schools and the Tallapoosa County Board of Education building.

Dadeville Beautification Board chairman Jerry McGukin said the city used to have a lot of trees that were removed when they started to die.

“There’s never been any real adverse outcry about it because the whole area is based on pulp and timber and most of the people around here are used to seeing trees cut and used for pulp and timber,” McGukin said. “We had a sawmill down here for years.”

McGukin said there are a lot of areas around the city without trees. The board has already planted two red maples in front of Alfa Insurance and is taking care of them.

Beautification board member Mickey Forbus said the Dadeville schools are especially lacking shade along with the board of education building.

“(The playgrounds are) in dire need of shade and the cooling effect of the trees because with the band practices and kids playing it’s pretty barren out there,” Forbus said. 

Forbus said the class trees started after they were approached about planting a tree for a late student near the board of education. The conversation further evolved to planting trees in dedication for a whole class. 

“Hopefully we can generate enough interest from classes,” Forbus said.

The board has been reaching out to classes through social media and at DHS’ homecoming game Friday about planting class trees. It will cost about $200 for buying the tree, transporting it, installing it and giving it a plaque.

In addition to the red maples outside Alfa Insurance, planned trees include willow oaks and red oaks, according to McGukin. The board received a $1,000 grant from Alabama Power to plant more trees and more funds in the 2019-20 budget from the Dadeville City Council.

“Hopefully we got a good leg up,” Forbus said.

The group wants to plant about 300 trees around the city.

“Between (South Broadnax Street) and (U.S. Highway) 280 we have plans to put in five or six more trees,” McGukin said.

The group wants to plant trees in the winter so the roots will grow while it’s dormant, according to McGukin.

“The old saying is you don’t plant a tree for yourself, you plant it for your children and really your grandchildren,” beautification board member Raphord Farrington said. “It takes that long for a good tree… I grew up here and I want to see Dadeville with the potential that it has for any type of horticulture, landscape, especially trees. I think this will make it a more pleasant place.”

Anyone interested in donating can contact Forbus at 334-329-0905 or

“We really hope that we can generate some interest,” Forbus said. “We got a lot of plans.”