Woody Baird has been elected the new mayor of Alexander City.

He got the nod after he garnered 1,776 total votes to incumbent Tommy Spraggins' 1,696 votes.

"God has directed me here," Baird said. "This is my place; this is where I'm supposed to be. God has me here for a reason and I'm gonna do my best to make this work and make Alex City a better place."

Spraggins, who served as mayor for 16 months following former Mayor Jim Nabors' death, was disappointed in the loss but he wishes Baird luck in his new venture.

"I want to thank all my supporters and those who voted for me," Spraggins said. "I wish the new administration good luck. I am praying for them."

Baird believes people want change in Alex City.

"We've gotta bring Alex City together," Baird said. "... People saw the negativity and they voted against the negativity. We don't need that in Alex City. We need to be one people — together."

Before absentee ballots were counted, Baird was in the lead at 1,691 votes to Spraggins' 1,509. Baird received 85 votes by absentee while Spraggins received 187.

There are only 11 provisional ballots and those will be canvassed next week.

These numbers are not official. This story will be updated.

Alexander City mayor's runoff election

Editor's Note: These results are unofficial and absentee ballots will factor into the final total along with any provisional ballots. 

District 1

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 151

Tommy Spraggins: 285


District 2

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 163

Tommy Spraggins: 257


District 3

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 205

Tommy Spraggins: 229


District 4

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 431

Tommy Spraggins: 211


District 5

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 269

Tommy Spraggins: 242


District 6

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 472

Tommy Spraggins: 285


Absentee ballots

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 85

Tommy Spraggins: 187



Total before absentees

Curtis “Woody” Baird: 1,691

Tommy Spraggins: 1,509


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Jacksons Gap Town Council Place 1 

Still waiting on results