New Site annexation

The New Site Town Council looks over minutes from the last meeting at Monday night’s meeting. The issue of annexation died due to the lack of a motion at the meeting.

This issue of annexation is no longer being considered in New Site.

A resolution to send an application to the legislature for annexing died due to lack of a motion at Monday night’s New Site Town Council meeting. It came up for discussion as Mayor Phil Blasingame explained a motion was needed to bring it from being tabled to a position of being able to vote annexation up or down. Councilmember Toby Hanson brought the motion to untable but would not it let get to a point of being voted on just yet .

“I would like to discuss it some now,” Hanson said before any other councilmembers could bring a motion up to vote the issue up or down. “As it sits now, explain to me and everybody how it sits at this time.”

Blasingame said annexation officially started at the first April meeting as the council approved to start the process and approved a map of sorts. The areas being considered for annexation were to include a little of Highway 49, Crowe Road, Cowpens Road to Sanford Road, the remaining portions of Cowpens West not currently in the town limits, Goldville Cutoff, Lashley Road, Whaley Road and Veazy Road. At its next meeting, more than 50 residents appeared at the meeting in opposition to annexation and the council tabled the issue and held a town hall meeting.

“As of (Monday night), it is put on the agenda to be approved,” Blasingame said. “Anything that does not get a motion or second dies due to lack of motion.”

Hanson wanted further explanation of the process.

“What are you talking about ‘dies?’” Hanson asked. “Does it die out totally or can this be brought up at a later date and pushed on through the legislature or is it dying out to where if we want to do this we have to go through the entire process again?”

“After tonight, if it dies, the only way it can be done is to start all over again,” Blasingame said.

Councilmember Billy Daniel added, “If we don’t bring a motion to go forward, this thing is deader than a doornail.”

For annexation to happen in New Site by way of the legislature, councilmembers agreed the process would have to start like it did at the first council meeting in April with members approving to start the process.

Blasingame explained to the council he would like to see the gym rededicated to the late coach Bryan Yates. He said it was dedicated to him in 1983.

“The date has not been set for a rededication,” Blasingame said. “We will announce that later after the gym is ready. We have the gym almost complete. Brent Vickers and his partner are about two weeks from being completed.

Blasingame and others asked for everyone to remember the family and friends of Alexander City Mayor Jim Nabors who passed away early Monday morning.

In other action the council also:

• Will hold a work session in June to go over the idea of expanding the water system in 2020 to 12 households along Big Woods Road. The current estimated costs for materials is $19,005.12 and does not include bores under the road. Blasingame said there may be grants to get the work done and councilmembers inquired about a fire hydrant in the area to give better fire protection. Simpson Road is also being considered for expansion of the water system but estimates at more than $121,000 put it out of reach at the moment according to Blasingame.

• Gave councilmember Mickey Carter the go-ahead to get quotes for railing to block off the upper parts of the gym.

• Heard Blasingame say both the water system and general fund finances were in good shape for the month of March.

“There is a little distortion in March,” Blasingame said. “We got draws on grants and loans to pay for parts of the water system upgrades. We also had an expenditure in the same amount.”

• Learned Tyler Ferrell with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission will be meeting with members of the New Site Volunteer Fire Department and others in the community to discuss grants for needed fire department equipment.

“We have been talking to members of the fire department,” Blasingame said. “They are in desperate need of equipment. We hope to be able to apply for some grants to help out.”

• Approved amending the budget to rent vehicles for New Site Senior Center activities. Blasingame said the program had the monies and this was needed because it was not budgeted that way. The council also learned the Senior Center is also hosting a yard sale Saturday and will be hosting a horseshoe tournament May 18.

• Approved minutes from the April 15 council meeting and the April 24 town hall meeting.

The next meeting of the New Site Town Council is at 5 p.m. Monday, May 20.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.

Staff Writer

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.