With no adopted leash laws in Tallapoosa County, animal advocates asked the Tallapoosa County Commission for help in dealing with animals roaming freely in the county and city of Dadeville.

Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary director Jennie Zinn requested the county adopt state animal control laws but if not, offer another solution.

“If Tallapoosa County doesn’t adopt the state law, support the local animal shelter,” Zinn said. “We are asking for help for taking care of animals. I get no support from any of the counties.”

Zinn said she has been operating the Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary from her home in Elmore County with one kennel. She currently has seven dogs but has placed many more in homes over the last few years. Zinn said 90 animals from Tallapoosa, Coosa and Elmore counties have been hosted by the sanctuary in the last three years with the help of two foster homes.

Lucy Little said she has been a resident of Dadeville for three years and helped organize the Lee County Humane Shelter in the 1960s. Little said after noticing animals running loose in the county and being dumped on roadsides, she began to rescue some.

“I don’t want to be in the animal shelter business but I am,” Little said.

In three years Little has rescued seven animals having them spayed or neutered at her expense and has two with her now.

“They are both blind,” Little said. “One is 19 years old and blind in one eye. It is chipped but the owner doesn’t want it.”

Melissa Haggerty of Haggerty Hills Farms said she is an animal lover and takes them in as children. Haggerty said the issue she has noticed is animal owners aren’t getting pets spayed and neutered. She suggested the county try to come up with a low-cost spay/neuter option.

“They are cute when they are little but nothing is ever free,” Haggerty said. “They are taking (puppies and kittens) to Walmart to give them away. We need to promote a spay/neuter program.”

Zinn said Elmore County adopted the state laws in 2014 when a young girl was mauled by a roaming dog at her grandparents.

The Dadeville Beautification Board made a request for funding of Christmas decorations at the courthouse square from the commission. Elaine Balint said the City of Dadeville had requested it look into new Christmas decorations with the completion of the courthouse square renovation project and the organization thought the county would like to contribute to the effort.

“I was asked to help get decorations for Christmas,” Balint said. “We have a small budget with (Dadeville).”

Balint asked the commission for $5,000 to help purchase decorations including a stackable tree for the courthouse lawn. She said the organization would be asking the Dadeville City Council to increase its funding from $2,000 to $5,000 at tonight’s council meeting. Most of the decorations would be installed around the square and on Broadnax Street.

Commissioners took no action at Monday’s meeting but the effort gained support.

“I’ll be the first to say I’ll help,” commissioner Emma Jean Thweatt said.

A letter for ARISE, a low-cost transportation option in Tallapoosa County was approved by the commission.

“It’s an annual authorization recognizing ARISE as the official transport of Tallapoosa County,” county administrator Blake Beck said.

The commission approved a request from Tallapoosa County Revenue Commissioner Eva Middlebrooks to a motion of insolvents, errors and litigations for 2019 because a legal description of the Jacksons Gap was incorrect when it was submitted to the office to collect a 5 mil property tax.

The commission entered an executive session at the request of county attorney Thomas Radney to discuss pending litigation. The commission returned to its normal session after 30 minutes and took no action.

In other action the Tallapoosa County Commission:

• Approved minutes for the June 8 meeting

• Approved warrants and purchase orders

• Approved Family Medical Leave Act leave for an employee

• Approved an off-premise retail beer and retail wine license for Blue Creek Marina

• Authorized the let bids for a utility vehicle to be paid from previously approved coronavirus grant funds

• Approved a plat map for the Ramp Houses subdivision in The Villages development in commission District 5

The next meeting of the Tallapoosa County Commission is at 9 a.m., Monday, Aug. 10.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.