The Alexander City School System is keeping up with students’ parents even more by sending progress reports home every three weeks this year.

The system sent the reports every four and half weeks last year. Superintendent Dr. Keith Lankford said the change is supposed to help parents understand more often where their children are standing academically.

“To me it’s more progress monitoring and to know exactly where you are after three weeks versus waiting until four and a half weeks we have more time to possibly intervene and keeping our parents more up to date often,” Lankford said.

While three weeks is a short time to evaluate grades, especially if a student may get a low grade from a bad day, Lankford said intervening is necessary so the schools could have prevented it.

“Let’s say there was a situation at home and maybe we need to reach out to that student because we want to know what content they know because that’s the most important thing because if they didn’t learn content then we need to know how to intervene and maybe change our teaching practice,” Lankford said.

Students are still being held accountable for grades and performance at school.

“The most important thing is even if you didn’t know it then if that subject area, let’s say math, and those prerequisite skills build upon the next skill, then we still got to go back and make sure that student understands the content before moving forward with them,” Lankford said.