An Alexander City resident has come forward confirming her husband has tested positive for COVID-19. Although she and her husband, who is in his late 20s, wish to remain anonymous, she has sent documentation to The Outlook from Russell Medical confirming his positive results.

The local couple recently returned home from an out-of-state trip and both began feeling flu-like symptoms shortly after. The woman was diagnosed with the flu by Russell Medical. After taking proper medications, she was feeling better but then her husband also started to feel symptoms. He went to Russell Medical, where he tested negative for both strep throat and both the A and B strands of the flu before being given a test for the coronavirus Tuesday night.

Thursday night, they received the results he had tested positive.

As of 10:20 a.m. Saturday morning, there were still no confirmed cases in Tallapoosa County according to numbers being released by the Alabama Department of Public Health and that’s when the locals decided to contact The Outlook.

“I’m seeing the panic in everybody else and I do feel like people should know,” the local woman said Saturday afternoon. “And I feel like people should know not only that he has it, but he is OK and he is getting better. You do have to treat the symptoms and get on it immediately, but he is OK. I feel like if people knew that, the calmer they would be.”

The woman said her husband’s symptoms began with a fever and a dry itchiness deep in his throat. He then started vomiting and “wasn’t able to keep anything down,” she said. He also has had a headache for the last 24 hours, according to the woman.

She also said her husband had a high fever for “a solid four days” but Friday, his temperature had gone down to 99 and was down in the 98s on Saturday.

Her husband has what the woman described as “a man cave” in their Alexander City home, where he has been confined since Tuesday.

“He’s doing OK,” the woman said. “At first he was really worried with the vomiting and fever; he felt really bad. I called (Russell Medical) back on Wednesday because he wanted to be admitted, but I talked with the charge nurse and she told me things to do. They really did help, and he’s just trying to keep himself busy.”

The woman was adamant how seriously the coronavirus should be taken but also wanted local residents to know her husband is getting better and hopefully others can take solace in that.

“I just want people to know this is real life, but it’s OK,” she said. “We’re on Day 5 and he’s getting better. People should know how to treat the symptoms and that it is OK; don’t freak out.”

She also urged everyone to take proper precautions and for senior citizens and those who are otherwise compromised health-wise to stay indoors if at all possible.

“The message I really want to get out is yes, it’s here; yes, it’s serious; but yes, it will be OK,” the woman said.

Russell Medical did say Saturday morning a test was performed at Russell Medical and came back positive but did not release the patience's county residency. 

“Our reference lab confirmed to us we have a positive case (of COVID-19) come back,” Russell Medical director of marketing Susan Foy said Saturday morning. “It was a test conducted here at Russell Medical. It has been reported to the Alabama Department of Public Health. APDH has to validate it. They publicize it in their reported numbers.”
Editor’s Note: The Outlook originally spoke to Russell Medical before discovering this new information. Russell Medical officials did not immediately return calls from The Outlook for additional comments Saturday afternoon.

Lizi Arbogast is the sports editor at Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc.