Chelsea Lloyd

Siri Hedreen / The Outlook

Library assistant Chelsea Lloyd examines an old Russell Manufacturing sample recently donated to Adelia M. Russell Library.

When Alexander City employees packed up City Hall to move into the new municipal complex earlier this month, not everything made it across town.

Ledger books, old photographs and three sets of old time-y underwear were among the artifacts instead set aside for donation to Adelia M. Russell Library. The library has yet to figure out how it's going to display everything, so right now everything is sitting in a pile.

"This is from Russell," library director Amy Huff said, pointing out a child-sized pair of long underwear. "This is what they started out making a long time ago — underwear. So they gave me these samples. I think it was children's underwear."

Included in the collection are several years' worth of Alex City telephone directories, donated by city license inspector Ward Sellers. Two hand-written ledger books, meanwhile, document monies paid to recipients of what appeared to be some sort of community development grant.

Most everything else is more for display and perusal than for record-keeping. These include a carousel of projector slides depicting Alex City landmarks shot in 1978, and an unused roll of cigarette tax stamps. Huff is unsure how old they are.

"These are the little stickers that used to go on cigarette packs for the tax thing a bazillion years ago," she said. "I don't know if this was a city tax, if people had to buy them from the city. I'm not sure how all that worked exactly."

Once they find the space for it, Huff plans on displaying everything in the Alabama room, which includes a rare local book collection. Adelia M. Russell library also has an Avondale and Russell Mills collection, with display drawers allowing patrons to examine artifacts from the old textile mills themselves. Huff hopes to set up a similar display with some of the city's donations.

"I just thought it was fascinating for people to see how things were done," she said.