Cliff Williams / The Outlook Alexander City City Council president Buffy Colvin presides over a work session Monday. Colvin was diagnosed with COVID-19 following a council meeting two weeks ago and spent time in Russell Medical’s intensive care unit and medical services beds before being discharged four days later.

Buffy Colvin has been in the trenches helping those suffering from COVID-19 since it first struck Alexander City in March.

As a respiratory therapist at Russell Medical, Colvin has seen on a daily basis what the coronavirus does to the body. Now Colvin has experienced the other side of the pandemic as a patient.

“I actually did go through COVID and ended up in the hospital for a few nights,” Colvin said. “I actually ended up in ICU for a few nights.”

Just like Monday night, Colvin was at an Alexander City City Council meeting, but after the meeting she didn’t go home.

“When I left here (two weeks ago after the council meeting), it felt like someone had hit me in my chest,” Colvin said. “I just started coughing and couldn’t stop. I went to the emergency room; I didn’t pass ‘Go.’”

Colivin spent the next 10 days at home. Colvin said COVID-19 is unlike any other virus she has experienced.

“Know that COVID takes your body and makes you somebody different,” Colvin said. “It is not the same as having the flu or anything you have felt. I was incapacitated for about two weeks.”

Colvin said those who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 shouldn’t delay seeking medical attention.

“If you know you are sick, if you feel like you are sick, don’t wait,” Colvin said. “Go get tested. Don’t wait. Don’t be the person to wait because I’ll be the person who will end up trying to save you.”

Colvin said while there is no direct treatment for COVID-19, medical professionals are able to help those who contract it.

“They have some new drugs at the ER,” Colvin said. “They actually took very good care of Buffy. I’m proud to say that I’m on the mend. Remember if you feel like you are sick, get yourself taken care of.”

Colvin presided over a council work session Monday and was quick to go home afterwards .

“This was my first day going back to work,” Colvin said. “I have been piled up in the bed for two weeks. I got my money’s worth today.”

Colvin said the community helped her tremendously while she was at home recovering.

“I hope you all know my porch deliveries were hilarious,” Colvin said. “I would ask for lemons and get groceries. I would ask for fruit. I would say apples and oranges and would have everything, grapes to strawberries to apples, oranges. I had every fruit you could name plus tomatoes. I was like, “Where did this come from?’ I would ask for a water and I would get three cases.”

Colvin thanked those who prayed for and supported her.

“If you ever need anything, you only have to say, ‘Buffy I need.’ I will be there whole-heartedly, Colvin said. “I truly, truly have been blessed beyond measure. I feel 100% better but I’m still trying to make myself Buffy again so y’all just bear with me.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.