AC Council Tapley

Alexander City Councilmember Bobby Tapley was the presiding officer at Monday’s council meeting.

After a small mistake was discovered in the legal description for the Wicker Point annexation, an amendment was approved at Monday’s meeting so it can continue to the legislature.

It was discovered four different legal entities own property being asked to be annexed and the amended description notes all four now.

“It is the same geographical area,” Alexander City city clerk Amanda Thomas told the Alexander City City Council.

City attorney Larkin Radney said the request for the change came from state senator Clyde Chambliss (R-30) who is introducing the bill to the legislature in Montgomery.

The annexation has already been legally advertised and will be presented for approval by the legislature this session.

The council also voted to swap property with Alexander City Habitat for Humanity. The council approved swapping two one acre lots on Maple Drive for a lot on Semmes Street.

Community development director Al Jones said the property on Maple Street is something the city couldn’t use but Habitat can.

“We don’t really need it,” Jones said. “It is too low for sewage. Habitat got approved to put in septic.”

Jones said several developers have approached the city about the Semmes Street property but have been turned away because it would cause issues with utilities and emergency response.

Habitat’s Larry Bates is happy the organization could get the Maple Street properties.

“We see this as a good deal for us,” Bates said. “We get two buildable lots instead of one unbuildable lot.”

With absence of council president Tim Funderburk and councilmember Scott Hardy, councilmember Bobby Tapley was selected to serve as presiding officer at Monday’s meeting.

“You did good for not knowing about this until you showed up,” councilmember Eric Brown said. “You did alright once you got over the nerves.”

Mayor Tommy Spraggins said he attended a meeting of the Alexander City Housing Authority where it presented a check to the city for $66,381. The check will be deposited in the general fund. Spraggins said the city is seeing a savings in worker’s compensation insurance.

“Three years ago we paid about $300,000,” Spraggins said. “Last year it dropped to about $216,000 and this year it’s about $190,000. It is thanks in part to the safety programs we started.”

Finance director Sandy Stanbrough said the budget was doing a little better than expected three months into the fiscal year. Stanbrough said with the cyclical nature of revenue, her office was trying to do a better job of forecasting when revenues would be received for better cash flow management.

For the month of December Stanbrough said the city’s general fund saw a gain of $1.6 million and enterprise funds saw a gain of $1.5 million but most of it was encumbered through purchase orders and projects in place that were not yet billed.

The general fund saw revenues of $7.4 million and operating expense of $5.8 million while enterprise funds saw $7.2 million in revenues and $5.7 million in expenses.

Another positive was an increase of $43,000 in sales tax collections over projections for the month of December.

The Mill Two Eighty will be used for municipal elections in August. The council approved the measure to move the polling place from the normal location at the National Guard Armory. It is hoped the location can move back to the armory after renovations.

The council approved a bid for road striping with B&C Striping of Alexander City in an amount not to exceed $24,425. This would be for striping on paving projects the city undertakes and the agreement can be renewed yearly for up to three years if all parties agree.

In other action the city council:

• Approved minutes from the Jan. 21 meeting

• Approved a resolution accepting the fiscal year 2017 audit

• Approved a request of ACT II and the Russell Medical Foundation to host the second annual Living History Cemetery Tour

• Approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a loan agreement with the National Museum of the United States Air Force for the plane on display at Veterans Park in the Sportplex. It is an agreement that is signed each year.

The next meeting of the Alexander City Council is at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 17.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.