Alexander City Schools virtual academy has finally found a home.

At a special-called meeting Wednesday morning, the Alexander City Board of Education approved the lease on the virtual school, which will be located on the backside of the old Russell Main Office building.

The Amadeus Group owns the building and is doing a customized buildout for the school system.

“It’s everything; exactly what I wanted,” superintendent Dr. Keith Lankford said. “They are going to build it out to what we asked for.”

This will include a parents’ waiting room, four instructional rooms and an office for the coordinator.

There will also be a large area where students can mingle once COVID-19 is no longer a danger. Students can collaborate on project-based learning, group study sessions or use the location to Zoom with other classmates.

The facility will total 3,000 square feet and there will be 50 dedicated parking spots for the virtual school on the backside of the building where the entrance will be located.

“We’re very excited,” Lankford said. “We want to be able to use this long term and grow out the virtual school to create new opportunities for our kids.”

The three-year lease will begin Oct. 15.

Future opportunities Lankford is pursuing include an advanced academic study school and a twilight school, which would particularly target the seniors.

“If kids need to work throughout the day, they can take some of those classes in the afternoon,” Lankford said. “It will provide a little more flexibility with the schedule.”

COVID-19 restrictions and alterations have forced Alex City Schools to speed up its process of an all-around virtual academy but Lankford is looking forward to the opportunities this will bring for the students.

“What I hope to come out of that building is a great opportunity for education,” Lankford said. “We’re looking forward to that.”

In other news, the board approved one resignation at Benjamin Russell and announced two new hires.

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.