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Cliff Williams / The Outlook Jack York greets residents of Adams Nursing Home Wednesday morning.

Residents of Adams Nursing Home hosted a red carpet event Wednesday to celebrate both the birthday of a technology company and its founder.

It’s Never 2 Late was introduced last year to the residents of Adams Nursing Home and the other facilities for USA Healthcare AL LLC.

“I wrote a grant for funding it in 2018 and we got it,” USA Healthcare AL’s Shelia Johnson said. “We have the software in seven of our homes.”

The company was the brainchild of Jack York who donated computers to his mother’s nursing home as a goodwill gesture.

“I was living the good life in the Silicon Valley (in California),” York said. “I was turning 40 and we donated these computers to a nursing home. About six months later my mom died. I was seeing guys that are my age now rich and miserable. Donating the computers felt like such a good thing to do, but I also saw a business there.”

The idea is while the residents of nursing homes are often elderly with a multitude of issues, they still have life left in them. So in 1999 York co-founded It’s Never 2 Late with the hope of linking nursing home residents with the outside world.

“These residents still have juice left,” York said. “It took forever to get the idea going.”

For Johnson the program starts with residents taking part in games and videos from online facilitated by It’s Never 2 Late.

“One of our facilities has a veteran that didn’t talk to anybody and is in a wheelchair,” Johnson said. “There are certain activities on here that are holiday based – Memorial Day, Veterans Day – I can’t remember which. He stood up and saluted. He had not stood up. He had not done anything until then. Now he ‘travels’ using the system.”

At Adams, the residents of the 75-bed facility have access to York’s creation.

“We have two big systems and two small systems here,” Johnson said. “Residents can travel. They can actually travel to the country. They can Google Earth addresses, look things up.”

Johnson said it helps residents to engage and be in touch regardless of their diagnosises.  

It’s Never 2 Late ® (iN2L), founded in 1999, is dedicated to helping older adults realize the full benefits of today’s technology. iN2L integrates the hardware, software, media and various components necessary to allow virtually any person with any interest in using a computer — regardless of background, physical or intellectual abilities — to do so pleasurably, engagingly, and without frustration. 

The system is built on a picture-based, touch-screen interface that allows users to simply “touch” their way to find engaging, educational, spiritual and personalized content that is appropriate to their own level of ability. From using email and web cameras to connect with family and friends, to enjoying mind-stimulating activities, to improving hand-eye coordination as part of a rehabilitation program, elders with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, most of whom have never used a computer, are now enjoying technology using systems adapted especially for them

Wednesday York dropped by to celebrate two birthdays as part of the “60/20 Tour,” – his 60th and It’s Never 2 Late’s 20th. Adams’ is the only facility in Alabama York will stop at on the tour.

The celebration was organized by Adams activities director Linda Young.

Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2019 Ann Trucks from Cullman was at Adams to help celebrate as was Benjamin Russell homecoming queen Keeley Powell.

Young made it a VIP event.

“The theme is ‘Roll Out the Red Carpet,’” Young said. “Residents and staff are dressed up for this and some residents will get to take a ride in a limo helping Jack York create one of his YouTube videos.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.