Boot camp is coming to Benjamin Russell, but this time it’s ACT preparation focused.

BRHS is hosting Two Teachers Tutoring for ACT Boot Camp from 2 to 5:30 p.m.   Sept. 8. The event gives test-taking tips, content instruction, time management strategies and a test-day pack.

BRHS counselor Kerri Carr said she reached out to program co-director Laura Lee Pike to tutor her son for ACT prep when she found out about the boot camp that is offered by Two Teachers Tutoring. Pike volunteered to hold one at BRHS for area students.

“It’s a great opportunity for our kids because from time to time different people in the community may offer ACT prep courses but we’re really excited that (Pike’s) agreed to come back and offer this boot camp to our kids,” Carr said. “If this is a success then she and her colleague will come back again in the future if this goes over well and if there’s a good response from the community.”

Senior Faith Hannah said she’s taking the boot camp to improve her score, which would make her more eligible for scholarships.

“I’m hoping to be able to learn how to take the test and have more strategies to take it faster and improve my score,” Hannah said.

Junior Landon Daniel wants to improve his speed on the ACT and is participating in the boot camp to prepare him for the upcoming test Sept. 14.

“(Speed is) the main thing that holds me back because not getting all the way to the end, you don’t have a good chance to get those (answers) correct,” Daniel said.

Junior Emily Shaw is taking the boot camp to improve her score so she can attend University of South Alabama.

“(My goal is) definitely getting my time down and trying to finish it all in time,” Shaw said. “That’s my worst thing is the time management.”

Carr is hoping for a good turnout to the event and those who attend to see improvements on their ACT scores.

“I think it will be a hit because everyone wants their child to do better on the ACT because we all know how high your ACT score is generally the more scholarship opportunities you’re going to have,” Carr said. “Anything that a student can do to prepare for the ACT is beneficial.”