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The Outlook asked its readers where they were and what they were doing on Sept. 11, 2001 as a tribute to the 19th anniversary of 9/11. 

Some of their answers are below:

I worked at Russell Sales Office. We immediately started trying to contact all our people in New York and all employees traveling in planes. It was an unbelievably nerve wrenching day.
— Emily Cleveland
ACMS. My planning period was 1st period and I’d walked to the office for some reason. The sweet ladies there told me. I felt sick because I knew our world had changed forever.
— Donna Nall
I was a Jr at Kilgore, Tx High & had just walked in to my 2nd period Home Economics class. My teacher told me about the first plane, and we watched in horror & disbelief as the 2nd plane hit.
— Christy Reaves
Getting ready to drive to Huntsville to do my Uncle's Funeral and then I received a phone call from my wife, telling me that the Pentagon had been hit where my cousin was a Colonial in Air Force. We are thankful that he made it out alive..
— Kenny Williams
Teaching Marching band rehearsal with 165 kids around two 31” tvs. The silence was deafening.
— Dale Bloodworth
I remember watching this horrible day unfold at work. Nobody could believe this was being done on purpose and on American soil. There was more than all the precious life lost that day (and years after) it showed the American spirit. Watching the bravery of the firefighters, police and just people trying to help their fellow American was something I had never witnessed like I did that horrible day. It didn't matter what race, religion or culture, people just wanted to help one another. For the people that were too young to remember, the people that need reminded and the people not on this earth yet, everyone needs to see and feel the anguish, heartbreak and American spirit shown that day before it's whitewashed and you're told "some people did something" to our people and country. We came together then and need to come together now. Love our country and love each other. NEVER FORGET!
— Kelly Richardson
I was in my college dorm room getting ready for class. I was standing directly in front of my tv with tears streaming down my face.
— Amber Rhodes
Woke up to this on vacation in Savannah, Ga. man, it sure changed the world and that was the strangest vacation we ever had.
— Christy Bryan Cook
My husband at the time was in the army. We were stationed at Fort Hood. That morning we were going to a dr appointment and watched it on tv in the waiting room. Found out I was pregnant with our baby girl that day.
— Haley Jones
I was watching the news and at first did not know if it was real. It became such a somber day and I just remember the overwhelming heavy feeling of uncertainty and sadness.
— Crystal O'Daniel Elliott
I was at work on the phone with my boss and what I remember most was what a beautiful clear day and it turned so quickly into a sad dark day.
— Kay Davis
I remember where I was when the world stopped turning....
I was living upstate New York. My roommate woke me up in a panic. The first tower had been hit. We watched as the second tower was hit. We worked at the US/Canadian border, clearing trucks to come thru customs. We did not want to work that day. They shut down the border.
I remember my daughter coming home from school. She was in 4th grade. She said to me, "They wouldn't let us play outside today because some stupid plane hit a stupid building". So, I had to explain to her what the "stupid" situation was.
It's crazy how every word, every movement of that day is still so clear in my mind.
— Kim Wilcox
At my desk at the sales office. Husband called me and said something terrible is happening in nyc...this was before the second plane crash. There were new salesmen that were in AC for training and couldn't get back home. Will never forget that moment, EVER!
— Lisa Futral
Biology Class at Central-Coosa. My teacher came into the class and said we're all going to die. I laughed and I remember her death stare. Then she turned on the tv as we watched the 2nd plane fly into the other tower. And I remember feeling nauseous the rest of the day.
— Whit Norris
My Son and I was at work, I was in the back getting coffee and he said Momma come look the towers have been hit. We stood and watched the second plane in dismay. Such a sad day!
— Janice Talley
Mrs. Langford’s class, senior year at Reeltown High School. I still remember that day and that feeling like it was yesterday.
— Heather Musick Fulford
Working at Masterbrand Cabinets in the frame dept. I heard some people talking about it but did not realize how bad it was until I got off and EVERYONE was getting gas in Auburn!
— Brenda Hartley
I worked at Russell ISD. My son and daughter-in-law lived in New York City at the time. It was a very anxious time for me until my son was able to get a phone call thru telling me that they were both okay.
— Harriet Sims Jones
Working at Walmart in Sylacauga. I worked in the photolab next to electronics (back then the TV's were always on and tuned into the news) and I remember looking over and being in complete shock. Pretty soon all the customers and employees were all surrounding the lab watching all the horror unfold. Many people employed there were also guard members and they were immediately called up to come to their stations...for briefing. We ended up being really short handed that day but it honestly had no effect on operations because literally nobody was needing assistance with purchases....everybody completely forgot about their own self and started thinking and praying for OTHERS....
— Melissa Chappell Mullins
I was at work at Russell Plant #2. We gathered around the Flag Pole and prayed along with saying the pledge.
— William Spraggins
Taking my kids to daycare.. pulled over in Roses parking lot to listen to the radio.
— Jeanie Jones
I was walking in the house from my part time job. My husband said a plane had crashed into the tower and about that time. The news camera caught the 2nd plane coming in. I can't describe how I felt at that moment.
— Enda Cleveland Catrett
I was in kindergarten. I remember playing outside when all the teachers called us in and turned the tv on.
— Bre McCullars Goggins
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