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PUBLIC NOTICE ORDINANCE NO.: 444-D AMENDING ORDINANCE 444 AN AMENDMENT TO UPDATE THE MUNICIPAL LICENSE ISSUANCE FEES IN THE CITY OF DADEVILLE, BUSINESS LICENSE ORDINANCE 444, SECTION 3. LICENSE TERMS; MINIMUMS SUBSECTION (C) ISSUE FEE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF DADEVILLE, ALABAMA AS FOLLOWS: WHEREAS, Section 11-51-90, Code of Alabama 1975, and Departmental Rule 810-8-5 as amended, effective January 1, 2023, based on the U. S. Department of Labor's Producer Price Index, municipal business issuance fees remain or may be adjusted to a maximum amount of fourteen dollars ($14.00), at the discretion of each municipality, for the license year beginning January 1, 2023 and thereafter for five (5) license years; and WHEREAS, Section 3, License Term, Minimums, Issue Fee. For each license issued there shall be an issue fee collected that is the maximum allowed by state law and said issue fee shall be collected in the same manner as the license tax; and WHEREAS, on the 9 th day of August, 2022 the City Council of the City of Dadeville, Alabama, in a regularly scheduled City Council meeting, voted to adopt and approve that the Issue Fee shall be adjusted to the maximum amount of fourteen dollars ($14.00); and WHEREAS, the City Council herein amends Ordinance Number 444 to set forth the level of fees contemplated; NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of The City of Dadeville, Alabama, that Municipal Ordinances Code of Ordinances be amended to include the fourteen dollars ($14.00) fee adjustment to municipal business license issuance fees as set forth in Ordinance Number 444-D. DONE, ORDERED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED this 13 th , day of September, 2022. ROLL CALL VOTE: Councilperson Caldwell Yea Councilperson Heard Yea Councilperson Greer Yea Councilperson Wolfe Yea Councilperson Johnson Yea Jimmy F. Goodman, Mayor ATTEST: Debbie M. Minor, City Clerk CERTIFICATION OF CITY CLERK The undersigned, as Clerk of the City of Dadeville, Alabama, hereby certified that the foregoing is a true, correct and complete copy of Amended Ordinance No. 444-D which was adopted by the Council on the 13 TH day of SEPTEMBER, 2022. WITNESS MY SIGNATURE, as Clerk of the City of Dadeville, Alabama, under the seal thereof, this 13th day of SEPTEMBER, 2022. Debbie M. Minor As Clerk of the City of Dadeville, Alabama Dadeville Record: Sept. 22, 2022 ORDINANCE NO.444